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How do I safeguard and share my SMS&MMS from my Nokia 5320 (S60)?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) June 25th, 2010

I keep some folders on my phone for my interesting conversations with particular people, which sometimes include pictures and so on attached to MMS, mostly it’s SMS but some are MMS.

I’d like a way to export this… to a PDF for example would be great… any idea of a tool for this?

By the way the OS of the phone is Symbian S60.


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I forward important messages to my yahoo email. That way they are stored off the phone.

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Yeah, I usually outsource any important information from my phone by forwarding it to an email account that I have set up for the specific purpose, just like @worriedguy does.

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Do you agree there’s a profitable opportunity to create a software that does this easily?

I’d like to keep my 3000+ texts with my partner… including multimedia. It’s quite an amusing experience to scroll them again… and would be a crap to lose it, especially unintentionally.

I couldn’t forward 3000+ texts… but thanks!

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@rexpresso Yes, I could see there being a little bit of profit, but not something that’d be realistically worth the time in programming such a thing. For it to be profitable it’d have to work with most if not all cell phones regardless of the phone OS and everything.

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