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With all of the new jellies swimming about, I'm curious as to where everyone is from?

Asked by Jude (32134points) June 25th, 2010

And, how young are you all?

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Florida, 40 something. :-)

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Michigan, 19.

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I’m loving how diverse we already are. ;)

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Jersey Shore – I’m a guido!

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Aren’t both of these questions given as examples of questions that are better for the chat room somewhere? But hey, it’s survived 20 minutes so I guess it’s alright.
Minnesota, and I’m 13.

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I’m from Atlantis, and I’m 11

in Atlantean years

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Maryland, and I’m 14.

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Chicago area and old enough to know life is too short!

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41. Originally from New Jersey (fugedabodit), now in Austin, TX (howdy!).

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Sacramento, 6

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Maryland, 29.

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24 England

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Ontario, Canada. 38

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Brooklyn, NY – 26.

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@simone, lovely avatar.

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DC/Metro Area—22

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Netherlands, 20+,30+, 43

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I am 21 years of age and from the great state of Michigan.

Great is relative

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North Carolina, 46.

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@jjmah There is no way you are that old. Typo?

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@chyna old as dirt, woman. It’s true.

Good genes?

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@syz – What is it like to hug a tiger?

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Northern California, and old enough to remember parts of the sixties. Other parts…yeah, I was there.

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@jjmah Great genes!
WV, 52

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@chyna you, too!

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@jjmah Thank you. And I’d like to thank my grandma and my mom for these genes…

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Northern Virginia.
3 days away from 19.

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@rangerr Happy almost birthday!

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New Hampshire (presently in PQ) 53

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Originally from Delaware, currently in Kansas. I’m 28 (for a few more weeks).

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62% of my life has been in Southern California. But I’m from Northern Virginia originally.
3 (plus another 89) days away from 21.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Yes, very lovely. Are they connected to you all the time?

I have been in Southern Alberta, Canada near the Montana border for the last 4 or 5 years.
Lived in Southern Manitoba, Canada for 20 years before that.
London, Ontario before that for 4 years.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada for 30 years before that.
Do the math to get my age!

Happily married man (not my first, second or third marriage!)

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I’m from Virginia Beach, VA, but now I’m in Hamilton, NJ.
I’m 21 =)

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@Dr_Lawrence Are who connected to me all the time?

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@ChazMaz In the case of Isabella, wonderful!

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Illinois, 300 miles south of Chicago

Older than dirt, younger than mud…

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20 (a month and 3 days until 21!) and Jersey for now.

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Sydney, Australia, 46

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Monterrey, Mexico. 25.

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So Cal, 63.

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KY the land of jellies, some warming, edible….......40 something

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The People’s Republic of Santa Monica РSoCal

Retired 42 (so going on 32)

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The top end of Australia, 65 and counting!!!

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I am most recently from Missouri (I am a transplant, yes), from a suburb of St. Louis that Time Magazine™ once described as being like Mayberry.
I am soon to be 23, a thought which distresses me.

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Born, raised, educated and have always resided in the Greater Los Angeles area
(Home of the World Champion Lakers)........56 pretty wild years (well, much of the time).
See ya…............Gary/wtf

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Hey @bob. :-)

You live in Mexico. Unlike us Americans. The “poverty” of your country is all around you.

How do you cope with it and are you a minority in your country. Having “a better life” then most.

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@ChazMaz Hey there XD

Well, the city that I live in is much better off than most other cities in Mexico. See here.

There are people in the US who are very, very poor. How do you cope with that? XD

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@Nullo I could have sworn you were much older than that.

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@Nullo I’m with @boots on this one. Holy cow.

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@Nullo, your very conservative viewpoints gave me the impression that you were much older and fairly rigid in your thinking. I hope with further experience you will explore a wide range of perspectives.

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It might also be the old guy in his avatar.

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@bob_ – Isn’t Monterrey the city where the drug cartels have carjacked vehicles and overturned them creating blockades?

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@AstroChuck I don’t think he’s allowed to answer that, if you know what I mean.

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@AstroChuck It’s one of the cities where they’ve done that, yes.

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@Nullo, I would have pegged you at 19 if that helps.

I’m 39 and in Chicago.

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@Dr_Lawrence For the good of mankind, lets hope so!

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@boots, @rangerr, @Dr_Lawrence There weren’t a lot of kids my age around when I was growing up. I started including adults in my peer group at around 10 years old.

@Jeruba I have consistently looked to be 5–10 years older than I actually am since I was about 15. Old photo for reference!

@Dr_Lawrence It was likely the Internet that made me this way. I noticed that people were forever trying to rearrange my mental furniture so that I thought more like they did. I grew tired of putting everything back into its place when they left, so one day I nailed everything to the floor.
In any case, it’s good to have some solid footing.

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@Nullo Pics or it didn’t happennnnnnn! ~

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@rangerr You’ve got pics in the last post, so here’s another. :D
@Dr_Lawrence If it helps any, I’m more easygoing IRL, where there are fewer attempts on my furniture.

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You’re pretty cute @Nullo, I like your real face much better than your avatar. I think your explanation above of folks trying to rearrange your mental furniture is so true. Stick to your guns, you will change your mind if and when __you__ see the need to.

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@Nullo Grow that moustache to look like your avatars.

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@bob – We hid our poor. And, we don’t have towns of people living in what we Americas would call substandard living. I guess we cop because out of site out of mind.

I hope you understand I am honestly curious, no intent to be disrespectful. :-)

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@Nullo I understand your resistance to unbidden attempts to rearrange your mental furniture and I take some comfort for your sake that IRL you are more flexible in your thinking.

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@Nullo, I wasn’t referring to your actual picture, which I hadn’t seen before. I was just suggesting that the visual effect of the senior gentleman you use as an avatar could contribute to an image of you as an older person than early twenties. I was thinking of it as more of an unconscious factor than a literal indicator. We’re pretty sure that cprevite isn’t really a chocolate chip cookie and Fyrius isn’t really a bespectacled dog in a man’s suit, but those images leave a certain impression.

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@Jeruba I know. :D I’ve always looked older, though, so it’s a curious sort of resonance.

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I’m in Central Alberta and I’m 37. I loved being 36 because I could (and did!) spend the whole year telling people I was 6 squared. The square root of 37 isn’t as tidy: 6.082762530298219

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