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What is this weird caterpillar type bug?

Asked by lou98 (67points) June 25th, 2010

I found this bug on a garden wall, and it looks like a really small caterpillar! Its white, and has little hair like spikes all over it!

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it would be helpful if you could post a picture. This is a really cool site that lets you click on characteristics and look up results.


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It’s a caterpillar!!! :P I’d go with @marinelife.

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I bet it is one of these. They can be poisonous.

Be careful. Watch the way it moves, it’s creepy.

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Yeah, @ChazMaz,thats exactly the same, little knife and fork and everything…ha ha. No, @marinelife is the best, i think its a baby version of the first one! Thanks people, great help! xx

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Dammit! @judochop !!! got me

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@ChazMaz I love it! I was fairly certain you’d post something off the wall and funny! Yours is the only one I looked at!

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dang it @judochop – you got me

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