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Can Fluther map people by location?

Asked by CMaz (26238points) June 25th, 2010

It would be cool of we had, lets say, a map of the world. Showing where the members are located.

I, for one, would love to know who is in my back yard. :-)

Too much to ask for?

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We had one for a while; a google map with pins in it. People lost interest in it after a bit, when the novelty wore off. John Powell can tell you more.

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It might work better if it had greater prominence on the front page.

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Ohh, I’d love that!

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The map @gailcalled mentions was member created and optional. Each person could decide whether to share their location or not. I don’t think Fluther itself would do it (at least we wouldn’t name names) because of privacy issues. Some people prefer to keep their location to themselves.

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Any website can map visitors by location. Publishing it is another issue entirely.
The voluntary map is something that can easily be set up but members must do the work of it.Perhaps the old one is still alive. Try a search for it.

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Cool idea, never heard of it before. As long as it’s voluntary and names are not attached. I wouldn’t want a system that simply displays IP locations (wouldn’t be accurate anyway, as people use proxy servers) for privacy reasons.

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I defy any maps and GPS systems…you could find my general zone but, after that, my little hideaway is under the radar.

Just the way I like it! lol

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@ChazMaz There is that mole in your back yard and you don’t seem to appreciate him.

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Come and get him. You can take him home with you. :-)

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Yes. mole lovers unite! lol

I have about 10 gophers per every 20 feet of yard…I give up on having a perfect lawn…they win, cute little bastards! haha

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I too really like this idea and I would hope people would be willing to indicate their general location.

It would give willing jellies an opportunity to meet.

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I like the idea too. Hey I’d be willing to meet up at a restaurant if I didn’t have to go too far.
I’m too lazy. saving precious oil reserves.

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@Coloma – I wish I had gophers. Then I could shoot them. ;-)

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chipmunks yell loud…..and I used to like them.

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@andrew: Milo here; Basil, Frankie, Molly and others of our ilk deserve a bigger and more detailed map.

Where are our Scandinavian and Icelandic friends?

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Andrew you are the man. Will we be able to click on it?

Very cool. There are a few exoticly located members.

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@ChazMaz Those were just people who were visiting that site at that moment.

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I can see that my proxy server is working properly. One dot is 13.000 miles out of place.

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Shoot, I missed this one! And I really wanted to be a little dot in the top end of oz!!!

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Web mapping service applications could do the trick.

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@andrew that looked like google analytics. was it?

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There’s a Q&A site that has that. It’s a small 3-D image of a spinning globe in the upper left corner of the page with map pins showing where everyone is from. The biggest cluster of pins are in Europe and the northeast USA States. It probably takes a lot of processing power to run that, tho…

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@andrew @HungryGuy what? —this looks more like something that would be “client library” unless it is a site in Libya.

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