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Does anyone suffer from bad anxiety?

Asked by tan235 (877points) June 25th, 2010

A few things have come to light recently.
1 : I am a hypochondriac.
2 : I can’t keep this up i think i’m poisoning myself.

i think the way I am mentally is definitely toxic to my body.
Last night I nearly took myself to ER, i have a blocked ear that i wont take antibiotics for ( it is getting better) and yesterday had the worst period pains ever, i thought something had exploded inside me, the doctor said i had low blood pressure and to take pain killers and go home, i did and panicked the whole night… couldn’t sleep, my mind wouldn’t shut off, and now today i feel so much better but still have this heavy feeling of something wrong.
which i’ve had before – anxiety.
how do i get rid of this – without drugs, it’s starting to really debilitate my life…. any thoughts or if you’re the same as me, then please share experience so i don’t feel so isolated and crazy!

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I’d tell you CBT, but I wouldn’t want to spoil @dpworkin’s fun.

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what is CBT?

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oh cognitive behavioral therapy… thanks… i’d agree

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no, but think Chaz does! loll

@tan235 good question and if it were me, i would seek therapy!

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Try some serious exercise—go swim also. It’s great for the body (which might cure what’s ailing you) as well as for some time to meditate.

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You seem to be concentrating on the negative all the time. Try to think about only the good things in your life. Put any sense of doom and gloom out of your thoughts.
Also as @wundayatta CBT would certainly help you in this situation.

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Your resistence to the use of drugs is understandable; however, if initiated in consultation with your doctor that they will be used for only so long before you begin to phase out of the drug…it might be helpful. I too dislike drugs as a solution especially when a better lifestyle could fix the problem. When you have serious dibilitating pain like what you described, THEY SHOULD NOT BE IGNORED. After addressing the pain, I would recommend yoga, mediatiton or self hypnosis. My prefernce is meditation. Good luck

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I had cramps that were that bad too; the pain goes down to the knees, right? I think 2 Aleve would make a huge difference. Far as the anxiety, I too recommend putting negative thoughts out of your mind, exercise and/or yoga and 3 mg of Melatonin. I’m really sorry.

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I’ve lived through periods of paralysing anxiety and have used cognitive behavioural methods to get it under control. Get some help and don’t let anxiety eat up years of your life!

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No, I only suffer from Good Anxiety. That’s the kind where I wonder if I’ll get the laundry done before the boys show up, or did I remember to turn off the sprinklers on the lawn?

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just saw this question after you answered mine…. I suffered quite badly from anxiety and depression a couple of years ago. At the time i needed medication to get me through it. Now, i just tend to constantly say positive affirmations that relate to a situation I am anxious about! Remember everyone gets anxious and worries about things that may not seem like a big deal to everyone e.g. i once became anxious to the extreme of a panic attack about going out the back garden in my p.js to feed the dog incase anyone saw me! I also used to have to gear myself up for hours before going to local shop to get milk or something.
I cope very well with it now and try to keep as positive as possible about things. Your health is very important and worrying and stressing about it certainly is not good for it. For bad period pain i would suggest loads of water, hot water bottle and a good walk, avoid comfort food and junk food thats sugary. I personally would always take an antibiotic if prescribed by the doc…. infection can travel and get worse if not taken care of or if course of antibiotics is not finished. I hope this helps but i do understand that everyones anxiety is triggered by different things.

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