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What's the term for a guy that likes having sex with both females and males but only has an emotional attachment to girls?

Asked by WCUBassBone1 (166points) June 25th, 2010

My friend just opened up to me about this and I don’t know the term for it, and I don’t really understand why either, but I’m not judging since it really doesn’t matter to me. I’m just curious to understand what it is.

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Or he could identify as straight and have a bisexual streak. Depends on what he’s comfortable saying.

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The opposite of me? (I enjoy sex with both women and men – separately), but, only get emotionally attached to women.

(I would say bisexual).

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@MissAnthrope he isn’t really comfortable saying anything about it, only 2 people know about it. I just wanted to understand it a little more. Like he tells everyone he’s straight.

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@jjmah So gender doesn’t matter with the sex only with the actual relationship? Like it’s just sex? (Legit question, don’t take offense!)

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Too damn horny.

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” Like it’s just sex?”

For me, yes.

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Somewhere on the spectrum between heterosexual and homosexual.

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Humans have an obsession with defining what is something and of course as we define things they’re not perfect E.G when does an asteroid orbiting a star become a planet? When does a foetus become a baby?
None of these definitions are perfect.

Personally I feel it’s the same with defining sexual emotion, I rather just say I’m bisexual but it’s far more complex than that.

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No need to label it. It it what it is.

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I would say bisexual. Sexuality is more to do with who you like having sex with, not who you are interested in haveing a romantic relationship with. It’s very common for bisexual men to be interested in other men for sex only, but have longstanding relationships only with women. They did that in Ancient Greece too.

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Is there really a need to attach a label to his sexual and emotional proclivities? I failed to acknowledge my atraction to men and married because I certainly didn’t want to be labled. I had no roll models either. After eight years and a daughter, I decided the marraige had to end because I wasn’t honest with my wife nor myself. Damn! Everything was so black and white then and I created chaos for myself and others because of a label. You should appreciate the fact that your friend feels confident enought to reveal this part of himself to you on his behalf and yours.

I suppose many people think that there are a lot of confused and unstable people out there. But, frankly, I think this guy and many other like him are eons ahead of where I was. They have the courage to defy labels and be themselves.

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Very friendly?

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Greedy bugger! How about bi-curious, maybe.

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bisexual, that word refers only to what genders you’re sexualy attracted to, not emotionally, altough it’s implied by almost everyone, I think your “friend” doesn’t want to openly say hes bisexual, by saying he is not emotionally “attached” to men, c’mon you have to be somehow attached to the other person other wise it would be like just fucking a toy, and how do you call that? A person that likes to fuck people and toys?

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@legalnkc You’re right, there really is no need to attach a label. And I was extremely happy that he trusts me enough to share something he hasn’t really shared with anyone before. I just wanted other people’s views on it, since I can’t really see it through his eyes and I wish I could? Just to understand him and who he ticks more? Something like that.

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Yeah, I’d go with “horny.” He probably wouldn’t disagree with that, like he might with something like “bisexual.”

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@MacBean hmm male macho stereotypes eh? well, of a kind…

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Ask him what he identifies as and use that term. I don’t believe anyone can only ever form attachment to a single sex – only that in the past they’ve found themselves forming emotional attachment to people who were of one sex…it seems ridiculous to me that something as complex as emotional attraction can have anything to do with genitals/hormones/chromosomes of a person but that’s just my opinion. People like to simplify their own and that of others sexualities so it’s not so confusing anymore but that’s the thing, if you really don’t care..there is no term.

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Queer variant B7.

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Hetero-flexible. :) much like me in a way. Physically skin is skin to me. But my emotional attachments have been largely to men.

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ISomeone who loves to experiment that much may be willing to go where few men have gone before just for the sexual experience. Especially if he only has an emotional connection to one sex. Then its a good possibilty your talking about a sex addict.

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@Pandora Why on earth would that be a good possibility?

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Yeah. I used to say I prefer having sex with women but want a relationship with a man. It was just my way of dealing with the fact I was bi. I WAS NOT nor have I ever been a sex addict.

And here I thought people were becoming more open and knowledgeable about sexuality.

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“And here I thought people were becoming more open and knowledgeable about sexuality.”

Yeah, no shit.

This comment below killed me (wtf?):


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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Someone who doesn’t seperate sex with there emotions isn’t likely to go willie nillie having frivolous sex.
Where as someone, like in this case, who at times only has sex with a person for the sake of having sex (same for a guy who just hires hookers for sex) will never be the type to be satified with having one partner or even two. Tiger Woods is a good example. I don’t think he loved any of those women. He just saw them as objects to meet his physical needs.

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@Pandora This is really more of a difference in paradigms – I see no issue with having sex w/o emotions – I’ve done it, others have and none of us are sex addicts.

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It’s called being Bisexual (Bi for short) but if he likes girls more then he would be identified as more straight. But he would still be counted as a little Bi.

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