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Can you help me think of morning exercises with the theme "world domination"?

Asked by Vincentt (8064points) June 25th, 2010

For introduction camp coming year, I have to make everybody do morning exercises. This needn’t be completely serious, so it’d be fun to do this in the theme of the camp: world domination.

So, what do you think would be fun exercises to do, linked to this theme?

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You could conduct an Anschluss with Austria, followed by invading Poland.

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Stick of charcoal, top lip, high fives all round.Helps if they have a slightly deranged expression.

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Shooting practice.

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What challenging question! Maybe you could modify a game of capture the flag. You could have more teams, say 8. Each team is a country. When one team captures another country’s flag, it conquers that country and absorbs it. It would continue like that until there is one giant nation of rich angry white men trying to control all the brown people. Er… I mean until the last country is conquered.

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What kind of a camp is this ? For adults or kids ?

World domination ?

Huh ?

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Oh great, I hate Fluther, now I have to choose between all those great answers :)

@Buttonstc It’s for upcoming students, organized by my study’s student union to help them get to know each other and already get a bit involved in the union. World domination’s just the theme, IIRC the themes of the last two camps were The Hitchhiker’s Guide and Inside Out. It’s just a funny label we stick on the activities we’re doing that weekend.

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