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How important is the first initial battery charging session on your new cellphone?

Asked by wgallios (1768points) June 25th, 2010

I have heard from cell phone dealers that when you first get a cell phone, you are suppose to charge it for hours (say 6 hours for example), even beyond when it says its fully charged on the first initial charge.

Is this still true or just some practice that may pertain to older phones/batteries. Even though some cell phone manuals say to charge for an extended period initially, and some don’t (I just got a new phone which did not say how long to charge it for initially).

So I guess, what I am really asking is what is the best practice when I get my brand new cell phone to ensure I get the maximum battery potential from it?

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Read the user’s manual, and there will be specific instructions for charging your particular unit.

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Well I know some manuals do say how long to charge, while some don’t; I just purchased a brand new EVO 4G which had no instructions on the initial charge. I was digging through the book for it. But I figured since if they are all lithium ion batteries, wouldn’t the same concepts apply to all?

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In my experience, most advice on battery care suggests a full charge before first time use.

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I used my phone immediately.

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My phone had short battery life until I totally ran it down zero and recharged. Only had to do it once.

The phone has a built-in Motorola commercial, so I set the video to play in a loop until the battery failed.

After four years it’s still working great. I usually let it drain below 50% before I recharge.
And before anyone

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LIB’s have no memory. Use it and charge it all you want.

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