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Coincidences or something else?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) June 25th, 2010

Over the past few weeks, I have been having several occasions per day where something coincidental will happen.
For instance, something really obscure I read about was brought up by someone else in conversation the next day…or I’ll be thinking or writing a phrase and someone on tv or in the room will say that phrase at that very instance…but this will happen several times a week. Those things happen to all of us occasionally, but lately it has been so frequent and SPECIFIC that I have become aware of it, and so have my friends. I’m a pretty level-headed person when it comes to such things, so I’m a bit freaked out. What do you all think of this sort of thing? Am I just being hyper-aware? Or am I the next Miss Cleo? :)

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I guess that all depends on what your spiritual side tells you. I think many people of these types of things happen, some don’t even notice that it is going on. Others think wow that is strange. And some tap into it to use in their lives.

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I had a coincidence string going for a while. I would rent two movies that I’d never seen before but they would have something connecting them. Usually it was the main actor from one would be a minor character in the other.

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Yes, @mrentropy! Things like that. I like “coincidence string:. That is what it is. And usually I would just think, “Huh..that’s funny” ...but it is OVER AND OVER.
Good point, @sleepdoc. None of it matters if I don’t gain anything internally from it. I think turning 30 has changed my brain!!!! :)

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@kikibirdjones well congrats on joining the changed brain club

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I sometimes think that some people are better at seeing connections between things than other people. They see a lot more coincidence because their brains are quick to pick up on similar things between dissimilar items.

Of course now and then, something totally unexplainable throws me for a loop. I remember talking about some amazing book I loved that was out of print for the last 25 years and hard to find. The same day, I turned on NPR, and someone mentioned the book—and it was back in print!

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How many gazillion events occur every day? Given all that, what are the chances that two similar events will occur close to each other in time? What are the chances that for one individual, ten sets of similar events will occur over the course of a week?

I’d say the chances are pretty high that such “coincidences” will occur quite often. For them to occur in a string during a small period of time may be less likely, but it probably still happens often enough.

Because they happen to you, they feel special. But if you look at the world’s population, it is not at all surprising that it happens to someone. Someone has to win the lottery, you know. In this case, despite your low, low chances of winning, you did!

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