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Stitches itch(es). Is that coincidence that those two related words sound alike?

Asked by rebbel (31500points) June 25th, 2010

These two words came up in a conversation last night and they made me question whether it is coincidence that they have the same sounding to them, or is one of the two ‘invented’ to match with the other?
Does the phenomenon has a name?
Are there / do you know more examples of these?

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Witches are bitches?
Dogs are hogs (they eat a lot).

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Um, it is a coincidence. English is full of ‘em.

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I recall having a discussion about this topic a while ago: link

I think the general consensus was that: yes, it is a coincidence, and if two words didn’t rhyme we wouldn’t hear them together all that much.

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@ParaParaYukiko yes…exactly…

@rebbel I don’t feel so alone now…

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Heh, i was already surprised to find a new answer to this question of mine, all of a sudden…but i get it now
Great minds….., he?! :-)

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@ParaParaYukiko is right about the consensus…

But I think there is something much more sinister going on.

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