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Why does my tidepool not yet include my eponymous award?

Asked by tadpole (709points) June 25th, 2010

i try so hard to be probing and inquisitive….

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what is the eponymous award? never heard of it…

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hmmm is that a joke or not?

takes a punt there is a tadpole award that i hadn’t yet got…got it now though…grins

i see my question got moved to meta…little harsh?

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Points for “eponym.” Demerits for small case letters that begin your sentences.

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I tink your question got moved to meta because it is a “Questions about Fluther and the community”.

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I don’t see any award by that name on the list

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@gailcalled- You must hate k.d. lang.

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You didn’t kill enough goats. Get to it, lazyass!

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Because you haven’t asked a good enough question?

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thanks for the replies…3 of you (and counting?) appreciated it…

@gailcalled sorry! that’s just how i type, nothing to do with laziness, more about my style…

@AmWiser strictly speaking yes, but sense of humour here?

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@YARNLADY it’s the second one down in the list of tidepool awards..

@Symbeline a religious metaphor?

@lillycoyote well yes the truth if i admit it, but this did the job :-)

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@AstroChuck: Ah, but @tadpole is no k.d.lang.

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@tadpole Nah, sorry. I was just being an asshat. Incidentally I don’t know what award you’re talking about. I checked em out a while back but I forgot it all. Might have to do a little review…’‘Brings in the goat.’’

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Check out the definition of “eponymous” to solve the riddle.

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@Symbeline i drink the blood of your victim with gratitude…

am i being a bit of a wise-ass? i thought it was a common word…in truth i was desperate for the award….i have nil better to do….

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@tadpole; In most subsets, “eponymous” is found in The House of Lords and not Commons.

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@gailcalled that’s gone over my head….i maintain it is a common word, even if you are agreeing with me…

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@tadpole: Maintain away, but I believe that eponymous is not a word used regularly by most people in the US ( and don’t ask me to define “most people,” please). Perhaps Londoners are classier than we are.

—You’re right about my answer ^^ not being clear.Even I’m no longer sure of what I meant.

Try an informal survey amongst your friends, family and colleagues. I’d be curious. It’s a word that I, as a writer, am fond of, but I would never use it in casual conversation.

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@gailcalled ah you meant social circles perhaps? i took it literally, like a man, and saw only a maths problem…i am writing from the uk, we read lots of books and are all frightfully posh and well-spoken as you doubtless know…are most flutherites american? now how do i backtrack from that and wipe out the implied offensiveness….

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Just start your sentences with caps. if you wish us to really consider you both posh and well-written.

The preponderance of us are from the US, but we don’t have a monopoly on the ability to either adore or mistreat the language. Hang around. You’ll read some interesting stuff, written in a variety of styes. Some will have you gasp, either with admiration or with horror.

And, off the record, some of us statesiders also read lots of books. Don’t tell anyone.

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ok…will try…at some point…

always tell an english person you read books…you will be looked at in a different light, no matter your accent…

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k.d.lang is the canadian who had a hit and then another hit with a duet and then a greatest hits album….

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Ok. I read books. Actually, I do.

edit; That should be “styles” and not “styes.”

(I am soaking a stye with a hot compress as I write, as it happens.)

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@gailcalled i completely missed your mis-spelling…

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@tadpole: See what happens when you rush?

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oh yeah, i see!

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Bedtime here, taddie. Good night.

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don’t let the unanswered questions bite!

sleep well…

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