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What are you like when you've had a few adult beverages?

Asked by Jude (32112points) June 25th, 2010

Feisty? Flirty? A little more funny than usual? A little more social than normal? Like my friend over there; Aubi. Aubi Noxious?

Me? I’m a feisty one.. Feiiiistey!

(waiting to get a verbal spanking from @gailcalled)

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The child in me comes out!

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I start conversations with strangers a lot more frequently.

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@bob, I bet that you’re just one-dimensional, huh?

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At first giggly and for some reason really witty. (by others accounts) Then within an hour or two, very sleepy and grumpy when others won’t let me nap. Then asleep.

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@jjmah I’ve got your one dimension right here, pal!

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@bob_ does he come with a Monica Bellucci?

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Like this

And this.

I’m generally a very reserved person, but I get so silly and giggly when intoxicated. And then I fall asleep. Hard.

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@seek and find.. you’re awesome, man.

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@jjmah Maybe. Do you come with handcuffs and a French maid outfit?

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Flirty (with guys and girls), obnoxious, silly, funny, happy…it’s largely positive. :)

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@bobbey, we need that for you, my friend (and we’ll lock you in the closet). Then, I’ll get the Italian beauty all to myself. Yay. :)

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I’m generally a friendly, fun person, but I get louder and less inhibited. I’m not terribly inhibited as it is, so, I’m guessing it’s interesting. Every once in a while a group of people from work will go out. A lot of the girls I work with end up showing each other their boobs and feeling each other up. It’s strange, but it’s fun, and I always join in.

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Apathetic/tempermental, lacking empathy. Violent. In other words, the same as when I’m sober. Just, my hands get shaky.

Ellie usually just falls asleep. Right now, she’s snoozing with her head in my lap. Kinda awkward typing, but oh well. Her hair is tickling my toes….

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I get more talkative and I speak louder, characteristics I struggle to control when sober.

Without my higher functions in control, my already poor comprehension of social cues in group situations becomes totally non-functional and I seem oblivious to other people’s interests, needs and motivations.

I should never have more than one drink every few hours if I want to show people I like and care about the respect and consideration they deserve.

I am not uncaring nor narcissistic but in group situations if I get excited or tipsy I come across that way and I hate that about me.

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Night, kids…

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I become a lecturing bore if around others. The alcohol lowers my protective inhibitions (to keep my damned mouth shut). I’ve learned to never have more than two drinks if I’m around other people. Alone, I get maudlin and self-pitying.

Now I can’t have more than two drinks under any conditions. The alcohol interacts with the antidepressant medication and puts me to sleep.

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I tend to be considerably less shy after a couple, am outright sociable after a bit more, and then reach a point where I want to just take a nap and hope I don’t wake up the next morning wanting to kill myself rather than face the head and stomach problems I have after having too much.

@stranger_in_a_strange_land Two drinks? You’re a cheap date :D

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I’m really very reserved naturally. I tend to be pretty shy. After I’ve been drinking my sense of humor comes out. Suddenly I’m full of witty jokes. I’m also a flirt. Ultimately this happens.

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I am much, much more friendly and mischievous. My 21st birthday, however, was 4 horsemen night. (literally and figuratively…) I don’t remember this picture being taken.

Then, there’s the fact that I really like to dance, and when I usually go out to dance, I’ll have a few adult bevvies, which makes me a little more adventurous (and usually without a phone glued to my hand…:-X) This was my 22d birthday… and it speaks for itself.

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Don’t drink anymore…but, in the past I’d get silly and want to dance, dance, dance! Then, fall asleep.

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I can get flirty, wanna dance to live music, horny, or tired. It’s never made me depressed or angry, ever.

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After a couple, I’m social. After 3, I start getting flirty, and after that, I head directly into obnoxious crybaby/gigantic douche-bag territory. Which is why I make sure to never have more than 3 drinks in me unless I’m alone.

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@jerv Pre-antidepressants, I could drink most anyone under the table.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Back in my Navy days, I could take three pitchers on a weeknight and think nothing of it; nowadays, I can’t even finish one by myself. Ah, to be young and invincible once more…

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I’m pretty much the same, just in a better mood.
And maybe a bit more of a flirt…

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I get more bubbly than I already am. Lol sorry I’ve been drinking tonight. I love to get my ass on the dance floor and dance, but I love to sing too. Lol I got $20 to stop singing tonight. What a night.

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@Seek_Kolinahr – that is the most vivid answer I’ve seen on Fluther yet. Thank you!

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I tend to be a bit more sociable after a few beverages but after I have that one drink too many I get very tired and have an overwhelming urge to curl up and go to sleep regardless of where I am!

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When I’m just buzzed, I get a little flirty and a lot more social. It’s much easier for me to start conversations with people. My shyness practically goes away.

When I’m drunk, I’m usually just really horny and silly and I want to touch and cuddle with anyone who’ll let me, which is otherwise something abnormal for me to do.

When I’m smashed, I start talking about things I shouldn’t be talking about – things that are seriously no one else’s business and I get really emotional and I find everything funny all at the same time. So one minute, I’ll be crying and the next minute I’ll be giggling. Oh, and I also throw up. A lot. I have a pretty weak stomach. I learned my lesson after being smashed twice. Never again. Heh.

With all that said, I’ve never been a mean drunk. Yay for me!

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With friends then I’m in a good mood and relaxed enough to become silly and more playful. If with my partner and we’re out in public then all will be good but if we’re alone then I get tense and critical, one of the reasons we don’t drink but rarely now as we work ourselves out.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I’m much like you. Reserved, then silly and giggly, then crash. I can’t explain it any better than you did. :)

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I just love that second picture from my birthday party. I tried to sit on the arm of the couch, and just fell over laughing. My legs got stuck over my head, and I couldn’t get up!

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Sometimes, I can become the life of the party to a point. Then I have to stop or else I could overdo and not in a good way.
Under the right circumstances, overdoing it can sometimes be a good thing when I get mixed with alcohol.

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Gadzooks, if is doesn’t come in a small box with a straw or has a toy given with it -ANY_ drink is an adult drink. I love to drink milk, apple, and grape juice and I can assure anyone I am as adult as they are just one who can drive home with out getting anyone killed or my car towed while I spend a night or more in jail. Sober Fluthering is better to me at least I know what the heck I am answering.

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I must be old I consider Metimucil mixed in prune juice an adult beverage. It makes your face squinch up, say gack a few times, but keeps you regular.

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I’m having gin and tonics on the beach and I’m feeling no pain.

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Right now, very mellow after Labatts #3. J just brought me #4. I’ll be asleep in this chair soon. Some role model I’m turning out to be. At least I’m a mellow drunk. Labatts Blue beats Percodan as a painkiller anyway. Just checking out the scenery; three lovely ladies, water and flowers.

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