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What is the best hot dog you've ever eaten?

Asked by Dr_Dredd (10528points) June 25th, 2010

Where did you get it, and why was it so good? How was it prepared (grilled, boiled, etc)? What condiments or other fixin’s did you put on it? Inquiring minds want to know!

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My dad makes a mean hot dog. All beef, topped with sauerkraut, mustard, and hungarian hot pepper relish. I don’t even like hot dogs, but I’ll eat one like that.

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I prefer home cooked and home fixings, with Hebrew National All Beef Franks.

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an orange juilias hot dog///bacon and chesse

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Oh man. I’ve eaten so many fucking hotdogs…smokey sausages, cooked over a wood fire and then put in a bun with a bunch of condiments is damn epic though. My mom took me camping with her boyfriend when I was little and we had those. They’re not ’‘really’’ hotdogs, but it was awesome.

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I love Hillshire Farm’s Kielbasa dogs. So good! The best one I’ve ever had out somewhere, was from Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, of all places. It was a delicious hot dog in its own right, but to make it even better… they wrap the thing with pretzel dough, in a spiral fashion, and cook it all together to make a Pretzel Dog. It was hot dog nirvana, for sure.

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there was this one in canada or i dunno but it was soo good!

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June, 2010 in Seattle at my sons outdoor BBQ, just before his wedding. i believe my son said the name of the hot dogs(sausages) were John Morrell. best-tasting hot dog i have ever eaten. they were grilled outdoor and yes it stopped raining for just that one day. actually, it was a gorgeous day with sunshine. i have attempted to locate these hot dogs in Nashville, but no luck so far.

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These all sound great! What about restaurant hot dogs? Are any of those any good?

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I don’t think this restaurant even exists any more, but Friendly’s used to serve their hot dogs on “U” shaped toasted sourdough bread. The hot dog was pretty good, but that bun made it delicious. I miss those. :(

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Restaurant: A New York Dog at Top Dog in Berkeley.
Home made: Hebrew National All Beef.

These are grilled, with onions, mustard, tomato, and Mayo if they have it.

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Back in the middle ages, before I became an adolescent, Friendlies used to be a local ice cream store chain…. or was it Howard Johnsons? I don’t remember. It was the middle ages after all.

Anyway, they used to split the dog in half, fry it, and put it on one of those weird white bread hot dog buns—the ones that are boxy, not round like for ballpark franks. A little mustard and a little relish, and I’d just inhale those things.

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The best I’ve gotten out is at a place called Freddy’s Frozen Custard. Amazing chili dog.

The best I’ve made at home are Nathan’s Famous. I’d love to get a real Nathan’s but the ones I buy at the grocery store are so good. They are long and skinny and just taste fantastic. I make what we call Reuben Dogs with them. Saurkraut, swiss cheese, hot dog, and spicy brown mustard on a bun. YUM!

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Probably Franksville in Chicago years and years ago. I’ve yet to give the ones at Shake Shack here in NYC a try.

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Nathan’s hot dogs on the grill! Add mustard and diced vidalia onions and it’s even betta!

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@SublimeLover Agreed, a very close second to home made.

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The ones that i make. :D I use vegetarian hotdogs (soy), butter on a roll, lots of tomato sauce and a good strong mustard, and voila! Well, I like it anway…. :)

Before that, when i used to eat meat, the best hotdog was made the same way, except i used bbq’d sausage. But it was that particular brand of sausage that made it great.

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Chris’ on Heller Parkway in Newark, NJ. Two with mustard, hot onions, mashed potatoes, and one the same way with chili.

Papya King in the village. Get a bag in Washington Square Park, smoke it (do that today…ha!), and head over for the early 90’s recession beater: two dogs and a drink for two bucks.

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I also like sporting events boiled hotdogs on a steamed fresh bun.

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