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Do you think since the advent of Women's suffrage the world is a more humane place?

Asked by mammal (9431points) June 25th, 2010

Fairer? Less conflict and so forth. What do women bring to the party?

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I think women’s suffrage is more of a reflection than a cause of a long term trend. Although it may not seem that way at times, there has been a tendency toward more humane behavior. Over the centuries, the homicide rate has been going down. Slavery has been eliminated in most places. There are laws against mistreatment of animals. While racial and ethnic prejudices are still widespread, it is notable that we have laws against them. 1000 years ago, such laws would have been unthinkable.

As for female voting patterns, I think there is a tendency for women to vote more progressively, but I don’t believe that their vote has caused things to be much different than they would have otherwise been.

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You mean the Western World (where women’s suffrage is most common)? Yes. Wars still exist, but society in Western countries has became much more humane the last 100 years.

100 years ago, you had poorhouses (maybe thought good, but often inhumane with today’s conditions), in prisons people were just looked up inside a boring cell with no re-habiliation. But also 100 years ago, not all males had voting rights in many Western countries.

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Not really.

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Without a doubt.
Women are the bomb and they make life cool!

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Absolutely. On average women are more reluctant to start wars because they know their children can get killed.


“The homicide rate gender gap hasn’t closed over the years. In fact it has increased, and this despite a decline in number of homicides. In 1976 the ratio of male murderers to female was 5 to 1. By 1999 it was 9 to1 and at its peak, in 1995, it reached a surprisingly high 11 to 1 ratio.”

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No, because despite women getting the vote, the world is still run by men.

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When women were given the vote here in the U.S., people thought it would do just that – be less war, more humane. But gosh darnit, weren’t they shocked to learn that women think a lot like men in many ways? Who’da thunk it? ;)

Seriously. There wasn’t much difference.

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It is impossible to determine whether Women’s Suffrage was a result of more humane behaviours in the Western World or was a cause.

I have seen less improvement from the election of women to public office than I would have hoped. It seems the saying about how power corrupts seems to apply as much to women as it does to men.

I am often so very disappointed in the behaviour of the human species that I would like to resign as a member and live as an independent being with a small number of other former members of the human collective.

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@Dr_Lawrence perhaps an ascetic vocation beckons….

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@Dr_Lawrence You mean like “Hugh of Borg” from Star Trek Next Generation? ;-)

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