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Is there more than one way to test for TB?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) June 26th, 2010

For Pharm Tech, I’ve got to get some immunizations. One that I’ve nervous about is the PPD or TB skin test. I’m wondering if there are any other ways to test for it.

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A blood test would be your only other option. The link gives you more info about the specific blood test you’d take including it’s advantages and disadvantages.

Why are you afraid of the skin test?

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Don’t let it trouble you; it’s a quick prick, and you’re done. The needles won’t even draw blood.

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When I was a kid, they used the “tine test” which looked like a little plastic coffee creamer container with four short tines on one end. It was quick and painless. Nowadays, it seems they do the Mantoux PPD universally. As @Nullo said, this one is a no-brainer. If you don’t like needles, avert your eyes and you won’t even notice (think mild bee sting at worst).

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The needle used for the TB test is quite fine, and not at all like getting an immunization or taking a blood sample.. If I recall correctly, the needle goes into the skin almost parallel with the skin. It’s not going straight down, into muscle, like an injection.

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What exactly about the test are you nervous about? The needle stick? The medicine itself? You can get an xray instead, because all they care about is if you have active TB in your lungs. For instance if you test positive on the needle test, then they will require ou get an xray, as long as the xray is negative you will be allowed to work. In fact some countries give an immunization that causes a false positive TB reading, and the only way to evaluate people from those countries is by xray.

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The way my teacher described it was that they put a needle in your arm, leave something in there for 3 days, and see if there’s a bump. There was a problem with TB last year at the school.
I’ve got to get a few other injections, as well. A booster Tetanus shot, a flu shot, and maybe my Hep B series. But I’m pretty sure I had that when I was little. I seriously hate needles and will avoid them if I can. I really appreciate everyone’s help. Thanks so much!

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@py_sue Well, the TB test is just below the skin as someone described above, and does not hurt, it is a little uncomfortable for a second. If you have had a tetunus shot within the last 10 years do not get that shot. You can get a titer to see if you still have resistance (although that is a blood test, it shows if your immunity is high) and unless you are working outside in dirt as a farm tech, I don’t see why they would care if you had a tetanus shot. Having said that I think it is a good idea to have immunity against tetanus. I had a tetanus shot too close together and I had a bad reaction. My titer levels are VERY high. You probably can refuse the flu shot if you want. Hep B is only passed though blood, I assume as a pharm tech you don’t really risk contact with blood. You probably can get that titer done also. I don’t know how old you are, but it is likely you already had that series.

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