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What is the current pop music hit as of now?

Asked by Kraken (1177points) June 26th, 2010

This question is timeless as now always will change.
Please post links and time date your entry and define the genre and any other terms that will be useful to identify the hit song. Let’s keep up with the times and be relevant :)

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Billboard says katie Perry and Snoop California Gurls
#2 usher OMG
you asked the current pop hit.
5:16 am

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Katie Perry “California Girls”
6:09 PM

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Apple runs the biggest music store in the country. “Here is there list of the singles they sell the most of.

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@ rentluva5256 I know she kissed a girl which is HOT as Paris Hilton would say.
Is that a remake of the Beach Boys’ song?

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@Kraken I thought it was at first, but then I heard it and it’s nothing like it.
(I prefer the Beach Boys song, but that’s just me.)

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OK, that’s cool :)

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