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Do you like coke or pepsi?

Asked by Tarf (187points) June 26th, 2010

pepsi is amazing,awesome,delicious,good,wonderful,and unexplanably great

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I don’t like either. Carbonated drinks make my stomach ache.

I will sometimes drink 7-up or sprite, but I can do so only if I shake the bottle hard first, to make it flat.

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I don’t drink either, but if I had to pick…Coke. I find Pepsi to be too sweet.

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Pepsi Throwback. It’s made with sugar and not HFCS. To me, it tastes like the Pepsi I had as a kid. I’ve heard that Coke made for Passover is also made with sugar, and that you can get Coke from Mexico where it is still made with sugar.

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They’re all made with sugar in Europe. We don’t have HFCS here.

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diet pepsi

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i much prefer pepsi…most people say it’s sweeter…coke is more popular world-wide?

@downtide i presume you don’t open the bottle once shaken…how long do you leave it? or do you open it then shake it?!

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I love me some Pepsi.

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Diet coke. Pepsi, both diet and regular has an odd before, during and after taste. The maddening thing is, once Pepsi gets hold of a food service place, (restaurant or other), they has exclusivity on the cola being served in that estabishment. Then I cannot have what I wish to drink with my meal. Hey, Pepsi, my choice! Gimme coke.

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Oh, yes. One word of caution, carbonated drinks, pop specifically, contribute to bone density loss. So, girls, if you’ve got osteoperosis in your family tree, you might want to minimize your intake. oh…..and don’t smoke.

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They aren’t paying you enough, @Tarf. You’re doing a fine job. Can you do my company next?

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Dr. Pepper. Ftw.

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Since they have apparently paid some Pepsi pipsqueak to infiltrate this site, I vow never to purchase their product.

But then… since Coke is so much better, I never do anyway.

Oh wait – it seems a little too obvious, and I note the user listed “Coke” first and pepsi in lowercase.

Humm? Maybe this is really a Coke infiltration, trying to fan the Coke fires by fiending as a Pepsi pipsqueak.

In that case I’ll go with Arizona Tea – Raspberry.

Marketing whores should be tortured to death by commercial. The Chinese have “Chinese water torture”, well we seem to have created “American marketing torture”. You’ve heard of “water boarding” – well this is an example of “Pepsi boarding”

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Mexican Coke is the best soft drink, ever.

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Diet Coke when I do have a soda. Regular Coke and Pepsi are too sweet for me and Diet Pepsi has too much of an aftertaste for me. I try not to drink much soda though, so most of the time, I drink water and tea.

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I’m more of a Coca-Cola girl with a Cocoa-Cola shaped j/k around but yeah,I like Coke.

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Grew up with Coke…and now drink only Pepsi. Go figure.

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Pepsi. I use to prefer Coke, but it wrought havoc on my digestive system.

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Before I was diagnosed with diabetes, I drank at least a full six-pack of Coke every day. I guess you could say I was addicted – I once called a taxi service at 4 am to deliver a case (I don’t drive) when I ran out unexpectedly.

Pepsi will do in a pinch, but given a choice Coke will always be my favorite.

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@FutureMemory 6pack is quite a lot…i can drink half that a day, though not every day….i also love milkshakes, chocolate milk, starbucks icey drinks…i never touch alcohol or cigarettes, i think that’s my justification…on the other hand my nan got diabetes recently, which can be hereditary so slight concern there…perfection is so hard, doubly so for a man….

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I love Coke, but gave up surgar and caffeine so now only drink a can rarely as a treat! Currently I allow myself one can of Sprite Zero per day. It ain’t Coke, but it is pretty good.

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Mexican Coke. Real sugar makes it so much better.

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I prefer Pepsi, but i’m fine with coke

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If I could drink nothing but mass quantities of Coca Cola, I would be totally happy. But, I can’t, because of the calories. So, I drink Diet Dr. Pepper.

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@knitfroggy What about Diet Coke? That’s all I drink. If I accidentally get non-diet, the sugar makes me gag. It’s like drinking syrup.

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@Val123 It’s kind of strange. I love Diet Pepsi, but don’t care for Pepsi. I LOVE Coke, but can’t stand the Diet Coke. I’m kind of off the Diet Pepsi right now, so it’s Diet Dr Pepper. I don’t like regular Dr. Pepper either.

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@knitfroggy Ok, what has happened is Dr Pepper, of any sort, kills not only your taste buds but also brain cells too. So you don’t know what is good any more, or even up from down. It’s bad BAD for you plus it be nasty tasting stuff!

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@Val123 So that’s my problem! Who knew? :)

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@knitfroggy Yes AND, as you know, it causes severe, blasting diarrhea!

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@Val123 OMG! That’s what caused it!

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Pepsi is the pretend Coke…

I get Pepsi when the fast food joint don’t have Coke.

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@knitfroggy Yep! Wifout a doubt!

@Rachienz Ditto that!

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My Marching band (Wyoming High School All State Marching Band) is sponsored by Pepsi so I get a bunch of free Pepsi. I’m fine with that :)

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Pepsi of course

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