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What radio station do you listen to most?

Asked by Tarf (187points) June 26th, 2010

i am just asking

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wfpk…....triple aaa internet streaming.

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classic fm in the uk, though not that often…more into my itunes/ipod collection and spotify for new stuff…

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Probably BBC Radio 2 or Kiss 101. I also love Classic FM and don’t mind BBC Radio 1 after 10pm (I can’t stand Chris Moyles). I’m in the UK by the way.

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For music: KFOG. 60’s to current rock.
Also, KCBS for news. I listen to more news than music these days. I think that’s a sign of aging.

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I don’t listen to the radio anymore. Haven’t for years (now I just make my own cds), but I use to listen to 104.9 which played alternative rock.

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Bayern 5 during my daily commutes.

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WETA 90.9 Classical Music Washington DC.

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I mostly listen to internet radio shows…that’s it, really…“Coast to Coast AM” or “Red Ice Creations” out of Sweden are current favorites.

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88.5 FM on the internet and in Nashville. the only oldies radio station on the air, that has a huge radio audience.

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WRKO (Boston) or WPRO (Providence) for talk and news, WZLX for classic rock&roll (Boston), WHJY for rock&roll (Providence)

…but I have to change the talk stations to keep ‘em local because I cannot take any of the national talkers.

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WHYY and occasionally WXPN or WRTI. All are public radio stations. One is the home of Fresh Air and many other nationally syndicated shows; one is the home of World Cafe Live; and the last is a classical/jazz station.

Good stuff. Good stuff.

Of course, if the kids are in the car, then they always want Q102, commercial top forty radio. Sigh.

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In appriximate order of preference (which changes depending on my mood):

K-JAH (I’m not really into reggae, but I’ll listen if a song I like happens to be playing)

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94 C’est Quoi. I listen to it for the news rather than the music though. No Funker Vogt or Blutengel on there…

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I don’t. I do listen to and new music is routinely suggested to me that way along with bands/artists who contact based on my playlists. One of the most fulfilling social sites I’ve been on yet.

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@wundayatta WHYY Sigh! Brings back so many memories!

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X-FM Manchester in an early morning. (streamed on my phone)
Kerrang mid morning – Afternoon. (DAB Digital)
BBC Radio2 on my way home. (FM car stereo)

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Classical 102.1 KDFC (Classical)
Wild 94.9 KYLD (Hip Hop & R&B)
Live 105.3 KITS (Rock)
106.1 KMEL (Hip Hop & R&B)

All my friends listen to some combination of the last three, but KDFC is more awesome than they think. :)

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I mostly listen to my well-trained Classic Folk station on Pandora. Since my iPhone is always with me and they have an app for it, makes life really easy.

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Public Radio and Classical Music (WAMC and WMHT in the Albany area).

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I listen to CBC Radio 1 (
It is public radio in Canada and in on Sirius 137.
It is mainly news and information – fairly high-brow.

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105.1(Hip-Hop/Rap & R&B).

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@wundayatta I live south of Philly and WHYY and XPN are my favorite stations too. I’m not sure my car radio even gets any other stations. :-) You Bet Your Garden is another great show that originates out of WHYY if anyones into gardening. And, WXPN has a live internet stream for anyone that wants to check it out. It’s such a really good alternate/folk/whatever music station.

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@lillycoyote Thanks for sharing the info about WXPN! I am listening to Folk Alley right now with delight.

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WNYC – the local NPR station.

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@Neizvestnaya if you like, have you tried spotify and mFlow? the latter is particularly interactive…

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@Dr_Lawrence Glad you’re enjoying the WXPN links and streams. We’re lucky to have two such great public radio stations in the area, WHYY and XPN.

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93.7 KAZY!!!! Cheyenne’s hardest rock!

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