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What breed of dog did you get after your first dog passed away?

Asked by Pandora (29733points) June 26th, 2010

I often wonder what will I do when my dog passes away. I find it hard to believe I would have the heart to adopt another dog after my dog passes. I think I might compare the new dog to the old one too much.
I’ve known people who always adopted a dog after another passes. Some get the same breed and some get a dog that in no way reminds them of their former dog.
My sister adopted a dog that is nothing like her former dog but whenever she sees the breed that reminds her of her first dog she seems happy and then sad.
For those of you who have gotten a different breed, does it make it easier to adopt a different breed or do you think adopting the same breed in the long run eases the pain of loosing the first one?
I even had a cousin who got the same exact type dog (all mutts) and gave them all the same name except added 2 and 3 to the two that came after the first one.

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A mutt (shelter dog).

I always get mutts. :)

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So does it make it easier to get a different dog. All my cousin dogs were mutts but she always chose the one that was all black and had the same type face and hair. If you look at all their photos they looked pretty identical. They were also all shelter dogs.
To me it was like getting the same breed of dog.
But assuming your dogs were all different, did it make it easier to form a bond with the new dog?
If it did why do you think it did? Or if you could’ve gotten one that looked identical to your old dog, would you have?

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I have had three dogs, each of them a boxer that I adopted from the boxer rescue shelter. I happen to love the breed. The first two were the same coloring, different sex, cropped ears. The third one was a totally different color, brindle, ears not cropped. Each had similarities and differences that made them uniquely special. Animals have a way of worming their way into your heart no matter what they look like.

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I had a Lhasa apso, and when she died I purposely bought the same breed, from the same line but, by coincidence, a different colour. I did this because I love the breed, and this line were a particularly friendly dog. After this, some months later, I again bought from this line. These two dogs had the same grandfather, but different grandmothers.
I still miss my original dog very much, and wish she could be with me today. BUT I dearly love the dogs I have now, in a different way, as their personalities are totally different.
In my case it worked out fine. I never associate these dogs with my original dogs. Each one is different.

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My first dog passed away from old age last year ;( He was a black and tan mini-dachshund. I had been through a lot with this baby doxie and I was too sad to get a similar dog. As stupid as it sounds, I didn’t want him to feel like I was replacing him :/ So I got a yellow lab mix from the shelter last week and she has the best temperament ever. I can’t believe how easy it’s been to train her!

now if I could only just deter the Niagara Falls level drooling

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We have had lots of different dogs, pedigree and mutts. My first dog was a Collie x Springer Spaniel and my second was a Jack Russell. Different in appearance but similar energy levels.

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We had several dogs when I was a kid, and never the same breed twice. We had a couple of mutts, a collie that looked just like Lassie, a cocker spaniel, another mutt, a Siberian husky, another mutt, and an arctic wolf hybrid. We usually had at least two dogs at at time, sometimes three.

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When my dog passed away, I ended up with 5 dogs haha. I have 2 German Shepard’s (retired security dogs) Dalmatian, Bull Terrier (rescued), and an Australian Shepard.

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I thought that I would not get a dog after my first dog passed away. I thought it would be too painful. But our vet put a puppy in my arms, and I was a goner. It turns out the new dog (who was nothing like the old dog) filled my heart with love and chased away the lingering sadness.

He is in many ways the opposite of my first dog, but he has come to be the dog I love as much if not more than my first dog. He has such a loving nature. He is a ½ dalmatian ½ English Setter. My first dog was a purebred whippet.

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I have a purebred Italian Greyhound. I love him so much! And, although I am obviously biased, I think they are the sweetest breed. They are very smart, adorable, loyal, loving and playful.

Scroll down to Italian Greyhound.

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“Shelter dogs aren’t broken. They’ve simply experienced more life than other dogs. If they were human, we would call them wise.

They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write – the ones dealt a bad hand who responded with courage. Do not pity a shelter dog. Adopt one. And, be proud to have their greatness by your side. He may be small, but you should see his heart.”—ad, from Pedigree dog food.

‘Best ad I’ve seen in some time.

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When Bub died, we got a dachshund. He was a rescue and kind of screwed up. Then he mingled with our other dog Winston (also a rescue and really screwed up) and they ganged up and attacked my baby, who was 7 months old then.

We got rid of them, then waited for a while. This past New Year’s, a friend, who is a breeder, gave us an Olde English Bulldogge. Hoss’s muzzle is too long to qualify as a show-dog, so he’s not allowed to sell him as an Oldie. So now he’s ours! ^_^ He’s a good boy, if a little awkward and rambunctious.

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When my dog died I would probably have left that gaping whole in my heart forever. But…I already had another dog who was just as devastated as I over the loss and she just wasn’t coping with being an “only”.

So I started looking on and I looked at every manner of dog imaginable. Some who resembled my old girl, some who were completely different. I have only ever owned mutts/mixed breeds and I love them so it was an “anything goes” as far as breed.

Then one day there was a listing of a dog and in her eyes I saw the spirit of my old dog.

I drove a hour to go meet her. She was living her life 24/7 in a cage and was, understandably, a bit over excited to meet me and behaved like a nutter.

That was it, I knew she was the “one”.

Oddly since she isn’t the same mix of breeds she strongly resembles my old dog in personality, basic size and color. Which has been good and bad. Good because my eye that was constantly straining for that reassuring “glimpse” of my old constant companion could somewhat relax. And bad, because sometimes the behavioral resemblance and physical resemblance is just too much of a reminder of the best friend I lost.

Still I love my new dog, my other dog loves my new dog and we live on..

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I always adopt rescues. When I adoptedy current dog, I showed him my old dog’s toy chest, pulled out toys one by one and talked to him about what kind of dog Tank had been, the tricks he did and places we went, and how I knew Tank would be happy some special dog had come off the streets, found a new home & had his old toys to play with.

I laughed & cried, but it really helped my healing process.

Wait until you feel ready. If you want the same breed, that’s fine. If you don’t thats ok too.

Regardless, you aren’t replacing a loved pet no matter what you do.

But you have room in your heart for a new one when you’re ready.

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My __next__ dog always seems to find me, I don’t have to go searching. And they always seem to find me before I am ready. Right now I have 3 dogs and am only supposed to have 2 where I live. The third one costs an extra $200 just to register. He is almost 13 and I don’t know if he will make it through the year so I am not going to register him at all. He sleeps most of the time and probably wouldn’t run away even if the gate were left open.

I think you must decide what sort of situation you want your dog to come from, pure bred rescue, SPCA, shelter, whatever. Then you go there and walk through the available dogs. Look into their eyes and see if your spirits meet. When you come across the right one, you will know it.

And I personally think it is better to bring the new dog in before the old one dies. That way you are not alone with your broken heart and strangely often a youngster in the house will give the older dog a new lease on life.

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@rooeytoo Oh, my I couldn’t do that. I would come out with too many. LOL. I’m a soft touch. I want to cry everytime I see a dog who looks sad. When I adopted my dog it was in a pet store. I had to purchase a pure breed because both my husband and daughter have allergies to dogs except some like maltese, or poodle and there are a few others. I always want them all. But allergies at least narrows the field for me. If I went to the SPCA, I would cry that I couldn’t bring them all home. I adopted my first cat from one and I felt horrible that I could only rescue one. Then I felt worse when I discovered my daughter was so allergic the cat sent her into an asthma attack. She turned out to be highly allergic to the cat. I had to return my kitty because no one would take it till I could find a home for it.

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@Pandora – I know exactly what you mean, I have volunteered and done rescue a lot of years and it is often heartbreaking. Why don’t people get their animals desexed!!! Then hopefully there would not be as many looking for homes.

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well it was a strange day, now I am down to 4 dogs..tonight my bigger German Shepard died. I just don’t know what caused it he was fine showed no abnormal behavior and then when I went to feed all of them I looked down the hallway and there is my Shepard laying dead, it was not pretty and my 5 year old was going hysterical

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@earthduzt Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope your 5 year old is a little better now. I wish I could give you a big hug right now. Could your dog have eaten something poisonous? How old was he/she? Could it have been a heart attack from old age?

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@earthduzt – that is a hell of a thing. It sounds like sas or something with the heart. That is too bad you kiddo had to see it, so sorry!

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