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Strange sensation in my ear?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25308points) June 26th, 2010

All morning I have had this really bizarre sensation in my ear. It feels like something is crawling in there (PLEASE don’t encourage me to believe there is an insect in my ear, there is probably nothing that would scare me more.) It doesn’t appear to be moving around, it’s just this really weird tickle in the same spot that is really strong, but has been coming and going off and on for about 6 hours now. No pain, nothing else really.. just this really unusual sensation.
It’s the weekend, so I’d have to go to the ER to see a doctor. Any ideas? Should I be concerned?

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Have you tried ear drops? I’d find some homeopathic ones.

Also, ear candling removes any junk, wax in there.

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Unfortunately, that is probably exactly what’s happened.

Do you have access to a walk-in-clinic? that would be faster and less expensive than the ER, and they’d be able to take a closer look.

You might also try flushing out your ear with rubbing alcohol, but that’s just something I do when I’m trying to avoid seeking medical attention.

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I just remembered a good remedy…even for humans. Boric acid and vodka…about a third on the boric acid.

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@Seek_Kolinahr :( That is extremely distressing. What sort of insects like to crawl in the ear of a person that isn’t asleep? If there is really a bug in my ear, wouldn’t I… I don’t know.. hear it?

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Could be anything. I’ve pulled out gnats and mosquitoes with q-tips. If their wings are stuck with earwax you wouldn’t hear anything at all. It’s not at all uncommon to have bugs in your ear – that’s one of the reasons Nature gave us earwax to begin with!

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@Seek_Kolinahr thank you. I’m still incredibly upset at the prospect, but I appreciate your help. I also just realized how many ear related questions there are today.

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A moth flew into my ear. It was a horrible sensation. I had to go to the ER to have it removed.

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@dpworkin my husband killed 2 earwigs in our house yesterday.

Maybe I am just paranoid after seeing them. Maybe it’s psychosomatic. I can’t see how one would have gotten in my ear, though. Maybe a gnat or a mosquito, but I think I would have noticed an earwig climbing into my ear.

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Fluid in the middle ear can also cause that kind of sensation. I asked a question about ear infections on here a few weeks ago.
If it is fluid then you need oral antibiotics to get rid of it.

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I’ve been searching the internet, and other people have experienced a similar sensation. Some have offered suggestions that have worked for them, like chewing gum, while another said that the tickling ended when they stopped chewing gum.

The good news is that it is highly unlikely that it is anything serious. While there is always the possibility that it is some type of bug, most of the posts I’ve read have to do with having a hair in their ear…either a bit of hair from a haircut or one that has grown inside their ear. More good news: Earwigs crawling into ears is an urban legend. Look it up on the internet, if you don’t believe me.

If you can put up with it through the rest of the weekend, visit your doctor when you can get in to see him/her. If not, find a local walk-in clinic or go to the ER. You may need to go to an ear doctor if it isn’t solved.

@MissA Using an ear candle is the #1 home remedy no-no on

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@Pied_Pfeffer ‘Been using them quite successfully in our family for years. But, is mainstream, allopathic approaches. Pop a pill, see a doctor. It’s certainly one’s choice.

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I think it would be best for you to see a doctor. None of us here can tell you exactly what it is. I’ve had an itch in my right ear for almost two months now. It felt much like what you described. I then started to get dizzy whenever I got up from bed or moved my head suddenly. I finally went to see a doctor. I have fluid in my inner ear that has caused me to have vertigo, but the fluid is not the cause of the itchy, tickling feeling in my ear. Dryness was the cause of the itch, and my doctor told me to use mineral oil to help with the itching.

You are receiving so many different types of suggestions here, and no one knows for sure what your problem is. I would hate to see you do something that is only going to make the situation worse. Good luck, and get yourself to a doctor!

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Ever since I’ve been reading the inner ear question marathon on Fluther, I’ve had a ridiculous tickle in my ear. How’s that for awesome psychocomatics?

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@jonsblond I definitely intend to see my doctor if it doesn’t go away this weekend. I just wasn’t sure if this was ER material.

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I wonder if you can dunk your head under water in the bathtub or something and if there is actually somthing in there, even if it just a particle, it might come out of the canal? Have you recently cleaned it with a q-tip where you might have irritated it? I am not suggesting using a q-tip now.

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@JLeslie I irrigated my ear yesterday and the tickling sensation persisted – but it’s gone today. However, my ears are really full. I’m assuming now it’s sinus related. It was just extremely bizarre!

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Recently I have experience such crawling sensation, but mine started after having a nightmare. I found myself cutting off the head of a snake and a green fluid from the snake poured into my ear. Since then, I have a sensation of insects crawling in my both ears. This does not happen all the time. It comes and it goes. I have done everything scientific to get out of this. I have consulted the medics and have used ear drops and scans. I now know it is something spiritual. A sort of bewitchment that needs the supernatural. I am getting the right results through prayer, faith and trust in God.

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I have been going to an ear doctor due to having a problem in one ear.
He put a tube in my ear to drain some fluid.
I went back 2 or 3 weeks later because my hearing was affected and he said I had some mucus on my eardrum that had hardened and I would have to use ear drops for 2 weeks to soften it and he could then suck it out.
He did this and a few days later I felt like I had a flutter in my ear.
I went to see him and he saw nothing but a few hairs (probably from a haircut) in my ear where the tube was.
He removed those.
I told hime about my flutter and hes wanted to know if I felt my pulse in my ear. I said maybe sometimes but that was not the feeling I had now.
He said he did not see anything wrong and so I went home.
I still have the flutter and that is why I am looking on here.

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