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If we were to organize a Fluther Fancy Dress party, what/who would you come disguised as?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21631points) June 26th, 2010

Tell us what your mask/costume would be.

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Roller Girl, only because I have found some kick ass, old school skates (from my childhood- that still fit!) and knee highs that I have been dying to wear! Not much of a disguise though…..

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Ah—I’d wear the same disguise I’m wearing now, if I thought I could pull it off.

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Let me think… what’s in my costume trunk right now? what makeup do I have in supply?

I’ve got Civil War garb , Renn Faire garb, some goth-looking stuff, a Nun’s habit, a big set of fairy wings, LARP type elf warrior stuff…. I’m in elf-mood. Let’s go elven. Now I have to dig out my cloak clasp.

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I’ll grab my rainbow wig and come as Merriment.

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Amelia Earhart – that androgyny question got me all excited!

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I’d be a pirate, fo’ sho’.

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Scarlett O’Hara complete in velvet draperies.

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Conan the Barbarian or a Viking berserker. I have the weapons and costume to do either.

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Bounty Hunter.

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Since I really don’t do costumes…. link

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I thought fancy dress was tuxedos and stuff and a costume ball was for costumes?

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In England, fancy dress means what costume party does in the States.

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Now why would I tell you who I would come disguised as? Then you’d know who was me! I see right through your little tricks. You can’t fool me!

I’ll tell you one thing for sure. I won’t be wearing a map on my tush!

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A teetotaler.

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I would come as Bush and make up words and give people soft slippers to sling at me. It will be fun trying to dodge them.
This question was fabdaculous.

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I would come dressed as a loveable, cuddly koala bear, because I am loveable and cuddly and also just about the right size, heheheh!!!

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I’d come as Bj√∂rk the year she was nominated for an Oscar™. Helloooo, swan dress!

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I’d definitely be a zombie. With my pasty white skin, it’s not much of a stretch!

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I’ve always wanted a Star Trek costume. Could be fun to dress up as Picard.

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@zenele – I never in a million years would have guessed that one, heheheh!!!

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I’d like to be Terry Pratchett’s Death. I used to have the cloak for it.

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@janbb That must get embarrassing for trans-continental travelers.

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