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If someone asks a question and it gets censored and that person abandons it, shouldn't that person's question limit for the day go back up by 1 again?

Asked by HungryGuy (15997points) June 26th, 2010

That’s only fair, isn’t it?

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Do you ever need more than “two more” questions in a day? I haven’t, even on my most interrogatory days.

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It doesn’t seem necessary to me, but I rarely ask questions.

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It seems like too much code to write for a problem that does not come up that much.

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I would think it should be that way. It doesn’t bother me either way, since I ask maybe one question per month.

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@marinelife – What? One statement…


…in the AbaondonThisQuestion method is too much code to write????

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It sounds like a trivial request to me. Unless you can make a stronger case for it, I would say no. Instead the poster should not abandon the moderated question, but bring it up to standards. Why is that not preferred? The OP must have wanted that question to appear at the time it was first posted, wouldn’t you say?

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I agree with @dpworkin. I have seen a lot of perfectly good questions get abandoned because the OP doesn’t want to bother to fix the spelling errors or add a few more details, etc. And, if they ask the kind of question that gets rejected outright, then they don’t really deserve to get another question.

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@KatawaGrey You left out the unspoken ‘goddammit ” at the end of that emphatic sentence!

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dolling, did you get a haircut? I hardly recognize you.

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I have been totally rejuvenated from my flippers – oh shit!

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Damn that spa; when I asked for a makeover….

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No. I think the fact that the limit includes any moderated questions encourages people to be careful and thoughtful when asking them.

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Absolutely it only seems logical. Don’t know why it hasn’t always been like that.

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