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Antibiotic query ... about reactions?

Asked by luka (6points) June 26th, 2010

so i’ve just taken my antibiotic, most ‘bad’ reactions occur within 5 mins to 2 hours i’ve just read, however can you be allergic on your second dose if not on your first?
I doubt it right, I realy don’t think i’m allergic but was allergic to penicillin, which this is not it’s called azithromycin i’m taking 250mg for an ear infection.

anyone know – some might say i’m slightly paranoid.

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i dont blame you…penicillin almost killed me once. anaphalaxis.
I rarely take antibiotics now.
Just be aware.

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You should be okay. There can be some minor side effects, like a mild skin rash, stomach ache, etc. Make sure you finish your prescription even if you start to feel better, and take your doses on time, or you could end up with a resistant infection.

If anything worries you, call your doctor or pharmacist.

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What kind or reaction did you have? It is possible to develop a sensitivity to medications you have taken in the past.

I recently had a prescription for Percocet (which I’ve taken numerous times in the past with no problem). With this new prescription, I started having itching all over and ended up developing a rash before I went to the doctor. My doctor said I developed a sensitivity to the Percocet and essentially I’m now “allergic” to it and my reactions will mostly likely continue to get worse if I were to continue taking it or take it again. The did a thorough exam and discussed everything I’ve been around to be sure that it was the Percocet causing it. Sure enough, I stopped the Percocet, started on Benadryl around the clock and got all better within 24 hours. Now I’m not allowed to ever take Percocet again.

The best thing you can do is call your doctor and discuss whatever reaction you are having with them.

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Did you have a reaction or is this a hypothetical fear? Azithro is structurally different from penicillin so you shouldn’t worry about cross-reactivity.

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What is your reaction to this med that you are worried about?

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I have no reaction as of yet, i was just wondering if it’s possible to get a reaction once you’ve started taking it…. i’m just scared of antibiotics as much as i know they are necessary sometimes, so wondering now that i’ve started the course can i safetly assume i wont have a strong allergic reaction if i havn’t already x

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@luka Some reactions can happen as the antibtiotic builds in your system, but most reactions you would know already if there is a problem. You won’t suddenly not be able to breath or anything horrible like that. Anything that might develop you would be able to stop taking the drug and the problem would go away, similar to what happened to you on that one penicillin that you took that gave you a rash. But, there is no reason to think this antibiotic will give you a bad reaction, it is a completely different drug. Don’t confuse that they both are antibiotics with thinking they are similar they aren’t. You should start feeling better within the next 48 hours :). If you have taken 2 pills, you only have three to go I am assuming, so Tuesday you will be done. Not too much longer, try not to worry, I feel sure you are in the clear.

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If you have itching and a rash (hives) stop taking them and call the dr.

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