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What does the Canadian navy use for boarding parties at sea?

Asked by Jay484 (1555points) June 26th, 2010

I’m joing the canadian navy when im older and I want to know what weapons they use for boarding parties at sea. Any guesses?

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“Members of Canada’s naval boarding parties don’t mess around.

In a large building at Work Point, a former army base in Esquimalt now used by the navy, a group of 20 sailors undergo self-defence training required for naval boarding parties. Under the watchful eye of Master Cpl. Mike Janssen, the sailors learn how to use elbow strikes – a skill that might become necessary when boarding a foreign vessel where terrorists and related contraband might be hiding. In a similar scenario, the sailors conduct the same exercise using batons instead of elbows.

Aside from learning about how to apply a use of force with batons, elbows and other strikes, sailors learn how to use MP-5 submachine-guns, 9 mm pistols, 8–70 shotguns and pepper spray in close quarter battle situations. They’re taught maritime law, how to handcuff someone, rules of engagement, legal issues around detaining suspects and interview techniques.”


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