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Have you ever had a question or answer that was removed by the Fluther moderators?

Asked by andreaxjean (1268points) June 26th, 2010

There was a question that I recently answered and for the last few days it’s said “This question is currently being monitored.” And I notice occasionally that there are answers that have been removed. What kind of content are in these questions and answers that are so inappropriate that they are not suitable for other jellies eyes?

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These issues have been addressed ad nauseum. See the archives for many, many discussions of moderation. You may wish to read the guidelines as well.They are quite clear.

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Yep. Most recurring members have.

And lets wait for it to happen to this one.

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We all have. Or most of us, anyway. Questions and answers both.

Those would all be cases where the guidelines were violated or where something was duplicated or just unclear. I have flagged my own questions when I made a terrible typo that I just had to fix.

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Aye aye to both captain. Anyways check out em guidelines.

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I have read the guidelines. Maybe I should have just asked Have you ever written an answer or question that was deleted? If so what was it? For future reference so I know better than to make someone else’s mistake.

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I have had answers removed as part of the removal of the whole question I was responding to. And “off topic” remarks have gone bye-bye.

Other than that, I don’t think I’ve had anything go missing…but I could be wrong because I generally toss them out there and keep on moving so I may not realize.

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Maybe I should have just asked Have you ever written an answer or question that was deleted?

I could tell you. But it would be deleted!

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Boy oh boy. I have had a few removed, and it does make me curse so hard I have to repaint the room.

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I don’t recall ever having an answer yanked. I have had questions bounced to editing because they were too much like a poll or something for rambling discussion in a chat room. A few, I have just abandoned. Usually thought, I edit them till the moderators are willing to let them slide by. Certainly, if the question already has answers, I will put the needed effort into resurrecting it.

Generally when you see answers deleted by moderators it is because they are either spam, personal attacks, or off-topic in a general discussion

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I had an answer removed by my request when I was a baby jelly. In hindsight, I can’t believe that I wrote it. It was truthful but inappropriate. The moderators here are wonderful.

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I had a bunch of answers deleted under the new stay-on-topic regime.

No biggie.

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I have had a few questions removed and a lot of answers removed. I’m mostly OK with that.

It does suck when you put a good amount of work into answering a question and the question gets yanked. A few weeks ago someone asked a legit question about a Tumblr theme. I spent about thirty minutes helping them. Posted my answer and then the question vanished. It makes it a lot harder to get the will to spend time helping if you don’t know if they will ever see it.

So now I don’t waste the time doing it.

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An example of the Law of Unintended Consequences,

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I don’t see that, @dpworkin. How was the removal of the question in any way a consequence of JP’s posting an answer?

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The unintended consequence of moderation is that JP has stopped helping people.

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Ah. I get it. Thanks.

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I’ve had two questions removed, one was on my old account. On this account, I had one question removed because the title of the question was like 2 words long and was not even an actual question. Fixed the title and the question was brought back. The first question I got removed was a poll-question and would’ve been allowed under the new rules. :P

As for answers, I’ve had plenty of those removed. I tend to get in flame-wars sometimes. :)

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@dpworkin Like Jeruba, I was looking for the correlation to JP. Unlike unintended consequences, it is refreshing to have non-obvious answers.

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It’s a necessary part of Flutherating. Consider it losing your cherry.

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Never had a question removed, but quite a few answers because I struggle to understand the rules from time to time . . . .

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[mod says] Almost everyone has… even most of the mods, and the founders of the site.

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I don’t think so, at least none that I remember. :s

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No. I guess I must be a wimp.
Hey %$&# ! You’re a #%^& of %!& !

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@worriedguy You don’t get modded for typos.

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