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How do you know it's summer?

Asked by jaytkay (25767points) June 26th, 2010

What indicators have you seen?

I saw fireflies tonight.
And the sun set after 8:30 PM.

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When it gets light out at 3:45 am. I hate this shit. That, and houseflies having sex on my kitchen table. Ew.

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You look at a calendar. Duh!

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I was bit by a mosquito, which is a pretty sure sign it is summer.

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When I have a hard time getting my son to go to bed at night because “it’s still light out” as he likes to point out and when I want to stay inside and hide in my AC because it’s too hot out!

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When there are more people out than bugs. I sometimes wonder which is worse.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

When the bright spring wildflowers are gone and we start harvesting veggies.

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When Neil Tyson makes a nerdy tweet including the word ‘Summer’.

Alternatively, when the ice cream man makes a trip through my neighborhood 2 days in a row.

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“June Gloom” followed by hot, hot, heat.

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I’m killing a tomato and boob sweat

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The pool opens and if I step outside, I’m sweating.

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When my two hour drive to the beach becomes a five hour drive, when the word “muggy” once again becomes a regular part of my vocabulary when describing the day’s weather, when my day lilies come into bloom, when a hot, muggy day ends with a good rip roaring thunderstorm that comes out of nowhere, when I lose a couple of outdoor potted plants because, duh!, it’s summer and they need to be watered on a regular basis, and all of a sudden it’s nine p.m. and I didn’t realize it because it’s still light out.

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When you can watch fireworks, then come home and swim under the light of the full moon. it’s been a fun evening. can’t wait to play connect the dot with our mosquito bites in the morning. ;)

@jazmina88 I loathe boob sweat

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When there is no more spring rain, and the plains and mountains dry out making wildfires easy.

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99 degrees outside is usually a clue, but we did have triple digits in April one year.

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I live in a tropical island so everyday always summer.

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Air conditioners constantly running? CHECK

Showering twice a day? CHECK

Always sweating? CHECK

Covered in mosquito bites? CHECK

Praying for Autumn? CHECK

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Up here in Canada, when young women start wearing sleeveless tops or halter tops and teeny shorts, you can be sure it is finally summer. Don’t blink or you could miss it entirely!

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