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In the market for a new cell phone...i currently have the iPhone 3G (which I hate) what can I get that works similarly and synchs up with a MAC computer (so I don't have to manually enter all contacts and what not)?

Asked by ava (977points) June 26th, 2010

Ok…so I have been through about 8 iPhones. I hate that the touch screen always activates something while the phone is touching my face (all the sudden the person I am speaking with either can’t hear me because I have inadvertently pressed the mute button or they are suddenly on speaker phone for the world to hear). I’m over it!!! I like that it easily synchs up to my MAC computer though, and I also like that it has my itunes so I don’t also need an iPod. I realize I may be asking for too much. I don’t have a land line, so this is a very important decision, and I would very much appreciate any help/advice on this urgent matter.

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The iPhone should have a sensor by the ear piece that detects if your head is by the phone. Once you bring the phone up to your ear, the screen should automatically turn off so you can’t accidentally press any of the keys on the screen.

For phones that sync to your mac, the new iPhone is probably your best option so far. Unfortunately, it’s sold out everywhere right now and you’ll have to wait until the beginning to mid July. I would pass on the 3GS model since the iPhone 4 has so many newer features and is definitely worth the extra $100.

The Blackberry lineup is probably your best bet IF you don’t like touch screens, the Bold or the Tour are excellent options. Blackberry has its own software for Mac to sync your contacts, music, and other media. It works pretty well.

Finally, you have the Android option. Currently, Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G is the best Android phone on the market. If you wan’t Verizon, I would hold out until July for the new Droid X. (T-mobile and AT&T don’t really have great Android phones at the moment.) Android doesn’t have a native software to sync media, but Double Twist works perfectly, and is a lot better than drag and drop for media management. Android can sync your Google contacts and calendar. If you have your contacts and calendar on Address Book and iCal, you can set those up to sync with your Google Account.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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I’d take your current phone in to the Apple Store. As, @mhl12 has said, there’s a sensor that’s supposed to prevent what’s happening, and it’s most likely defective. Since it’s a 3G it’s probably out of warranty at this point, but if it’s still covered, you might get them to replace it for free. I hold mine right up against my face and have never had this issue since the first generation phone.

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If this is something that has happened on several iPhones the problem could be stemming from a couple points.

You may need to restore your iPhone as a new iPhone. This makes sure it’s not a software issue. If you restore it from a backup it keeps the same software on there.

The other would be if you have a case that is covering a significant portion of the top front of the phone around the earpiece. That is where the sensor is located that determines if it’s close to a surface while you’re on a call.

In the event you decide to restore your iPhone, do make sure your contacts, calendars, ad the like are syncing to their appropriate Mac counterparts.

I don’t think any other phone on the market syncs as seamlessly as te iPhone. I just upgraded from the 3G to the 4 myself, and the difference is mind boggling. Good luck.

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all palm, blackberry, iphone,and android phones can sync with google contacts. I use that to sync my phone numbers wirelessly so that I never have to worry about losing numbers again.

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Droid >>> iPhone

The 2 best current droids are the Incredible (verizon) and the evo 4g (sprint). In a few months ( i think) the X comes out (tmobile)... All 3 are AT LEAST as good as the iPhone 4, and in my opinion and many others opinions, better.

I would stay away from blackberry, in my experience and what I’ve heard, they tend not to last more than a year or so before things start going wrong.

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