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Is a man's hair a big deal to women?

Asked by Thesilvertiger (264points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

should guys worry about his hair that much.

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Depends on the guy, on the hair, and on the girl.

I had dreadlocks, some girls didn’t like that.
I now have long blond hair, I take good care of it because I like to, but my girlfriend loves it too. She couldn’t imagine me with short hair. It all depends.

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As long as it’s clean and not a total mess, I like all kinds of hairstyles on guys.

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To some women it is. To some women it isn’t.

What kind of woman are you trying to attract? That should tell you about whether or not you should worry about your hair.

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I have to admit, I’m a little vain when it comes to my hair. Some how I’ve managed to dodge the male paatern baldness that has befallen the rest of the men in my family. But, I think men with a shaved head can be quite handsome too. Go figure. As far as what women think? I am clueless.

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I don’t think most women care. When I met my husband he was balding but I was still attracted. It all depends on how confident he is about it.

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@tia29 that is so true.

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