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Do you have an enemy who is part of your family member?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8215points) June 26th, 2010

My brother is my life-long enemy(I don’t care if he’s my only blood-brother). It happened in my childhood when one day he hit me after I beat him in a game. He blamed me for being a cheater and when we both grew up many people(included our family) force us to reconnect again and claim that past incident is just a child’s silliness. He didn’t apologize and ever since that we never talk to each other anymore. I just don’t care about that anymore but I always make sure we don’t stand in each other way.

Well,that is my story. How about yours? Do you have an enemy who is part of your family member? Do you mind to share your story?

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I have a mother-in-law who threw us out of the house at 2AM with no car and wouldn’t let us get our stuff. She forgot all of the financial help we had given her (like paying her bills) and threatened to sue us for every little time she spent money on us even when we didn’t ask her too (paying for our wedding, ordering pizza, and any other thing)...

There is more to it, but I don’t want to discuss my wife’s childhood here. Suffice it to say that momster is basically a total psycho-cunt. I think that anybody who causes another person to live in fear, take meds, and go to therapy for years qualifies as “enemy” though.

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my family has different points of view… executive vs. soulful freedom lover. and we try to make it work.;It is not easy…..nor is it fun.
July 4th picnic coming up…..eeeew

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My mom and I never got along, and she was kinda violent, but she’s completely FUBAR so I don’t consider her my enemy.
But maybe I’m the one who’s all fucked. I hope she doesn’t consider me an enemy.

But yeah, no.

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I had an uncle that sexually abused me for 13 years. He’s dead now, so I am without enemies.

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I didn’t realize that I had a family enemy until last Friday afternoon. My late wife’s brother-in-law. When he physically attacked his daughter (and me, since I intervened), he became my enemy #1. I now know that he’s been physically abusing her for the last ten years.

@Symbeline It must be her, since your head is on straight. :^)

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Myself and my sister don’t speak to one another, so that’s fairly awkward. She’s a piece of work. There’s been too many incidents to keep counting. I can’t say I believe in enemies though, so even that wouldn’t count. I can’t speak for her I’m afraid.

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I don’t have anyone in my family who I feel is an enemy, but there are people who I don’t talk to much anymore, because they chose a passive aggressive stance, and I am not going to run after anyone anymore. I did that once, and never again. If they don’t want to have a relationship with me I will accept it. I have told them I am open to clearing the air and want to be close, it is up to them if they are going to dig their heals in and be hateful.

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“Enemy” is a bit dramatic for me. More like “someone whose behavior is so toxic, I choose not to have them in my life.”

To that definition, it would be my mother.

Sadly, she is the most manipulative, untrustworthy, selfish and volatile person I know.

The eighteen months since I last saw her have been wonderfully stress-free.

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I’ve got an aunt that is trying to eliminate any contact between my uncle and the rest of my family. Any phone calls that are made are monitored and she interrupts to talk about her “lady parts”. She spent my entire childhood snapping my bra at every family function. The ultimate alpha female. She’s always in everyone’s business and makes disgusting accusations about everyone else in the family. I haven’t seen my uncle in forever which sucks because he’s a really great guy.

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@cprevite I’d like to adopt your phrasing. It fits very well with my own situation.
As hard as it’s been, it’s great for you that you’ve been able to walk away from that. Fair play!

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@stardust: Thank you…and I’m sorry about your sister.

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As @cprevite knows, I also choose to have no contact with my mother for similar reasons (also related to the abuse I mentioned up there ^^).

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Your brother hit you and called you a cheater once when you were children, and that’s enough to make you consider him a life-long enemy? Don’t you think you’re overreacting a bit?
How old are you now?

My brother has been a jerk to me so often when we were little I couldn’t have kept count. We get along very well now.

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My mother is a complete See You Next Tuesday, and if I never see her poisonous soul again it’ll be too soon.

I wouldn’t even think of her any more, except that my baby sister still lives with her, and has to go through everything I went through at her age (plus more, for various reasons).

It makes me angry to think about.

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I won’t name names, but I have a niece that I can’t stand to be around! She is one of those that thinks she’s better than EVERYONE! Our grandmother passed and that Christmas my aunt (her grandmother) gave my kids $25 each. Very generous, and we appreciated, but here comes that person waving a $100 bill in my kids faces saying “a hundred is better than 25 any day!” It’s not that they got more, it’s that she flaunted to my kids who didn’t understand why!

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I wouldn’t call certain of my relatives enemies, but just too toxic to be around, so I don’t associate with them at all.

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@Doctor_D That is sad that you consider your brother an enemy for that reason. My sister and I regularly beat the shit out of each other as children and we are best of friends now. I feel bad for you to have lost out so many years with your brother.

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A brother who I don’t entirely trust and have a hard time being around. It’s all because of sexual abuse (I was seven).

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@Fyrius and @knitfroggy I’ve made my mind about my relationship with him. I don’t hate him anymore but now he’s only other person in my life and being my blood-brother doesn’t give him a special excuse. I mean no offense but this is my decision. I live happily without him now and having no relationship with one single person in this world will not affect my life. I’m 24 anyway.

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not an enemy, but have several that don’t like me nor do i care for them. Don’t hate them, just don’t want to be around them!

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My grandmother=my enemy. Enough said.

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@ItalianPrincess1217: Would that be your Strega Nonna?

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There have been a few occasions on Fluther where it seemed like i was their enemy! But, only the shadow really knows! Just a perception and i certainly could be mistaken…maybe, i just dreamt it! Been having some dreams lately about fairy tales and flying saucer! Probably, an effect of watching Avatar!

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There are definitely people in my family that I don’t care to be around. One who thinks that anything that goes wrong in her life is my fault. Being 1000km away from her really helps!

My older sister, who I was attached at the hip to as a child, has become someone I don’t even recognize. I vacillate between staying in contact with her and feeling sick to my stomach every time I talk to her and cutting off contact.

If I cut out all the siblings who punched me when we were kids: I wouldn’t talk to any of them. I’d take a punch to having my hair yanked out any day

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