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What is your reaction to the speech "A More Perfect Union"?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

Full transcript of the speech. Did you watch the speech? If not, click to read it, and share your thoughts here.

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I thought it was great speech. I watched it live on CNN. This man can give a good speech.

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Great speech on racial unity. He can give a great speech. I believe though that one way to move past racial divide is to recognize that there were problems with slavery, but blacks are no longer slaves unless they continue to hold a slave mentality. It is time to move forward on this one, rather than look backwards, otherwise racism continues as in the case of Reverend Wright.
Examples of health care though, while true, do not mention that people in Canada who have diseases like cancer, and I do know people there, do not get treatment for months and years sometimes, when it is too late. Universal helath care is not the panacea that people make it out to be. ER rooms have long waits because the care can be had for free. What will happen when it is “free” for everybody. I know statistics says it imay be better in places like Canada, but people I know who live there say it is very different. Maybe others have a different experience with requiring specialized care in Canada, bit those I know say, getting basic medical care is good, getting prescriptions is good, but ER rooms have long wait and getting into specialists is sometimes such a long wait that by the time they get in, it is too late.

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