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Is tvneto safe?

Asked by quasion (17points) June 27th, 2010

does it have spyware?

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Um… what’s “tvneto?”

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It is a software to watch tv online. I would like to know if there is no spyware or something harmful in this program.

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The site looks sketchy the begin with. And users on WOT gives it negative ratings. From what I read online, the toolbar you install delivers ads to your computer based on websites you visit. So I would assume that it’s adware.

However, the site’s privacy statement says exactly the opposite (spyware and adware free). Either way, I would advise against installing it. There are a lot of other ways to watch TV online.

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Try Graboid. It has been certified malware free by both Norton and McCafee.

It is also available on CNet ( which runs their own checks on software distributed on their site and pulls anything reported to them with malware on it.

Also with Graboid you have the choice of watching online by streaming or downloading.

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The site is 100% safe.
Mcafee certified it’s spyware and adware free –

And Wot actually gives it a high score in trustworthiness so I’m not sure what mhl12 is talking about.

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