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What are the elements of a "good game" of soccer?

Asked by lifeflame (5912points) June 27th, 2010

I’m teaching an “introduction to literature” class tomorrow; and since it’s an all boys class I thought we would start by asking, “What makes a good game of soccer?”...

I’m going to eventually use this as a bridge to look at elements of drama/narrative; but meanwhile, the soccer fans here can help me by thinking back on most exciting match you have seen… and what was it about that match that made it such a great game? Was it great performances from particular players? The suspense of… what? What was at stake?

In short, what are the elements that make up a “great game” of football for you?

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well the germany england game is a good soccer game on right now.. ummm but what makes a good soccer game my guess would be good sportsmenship

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Good technical play, drama, controversy, have a look at the 2005 champions league final between Liverpool and ac Milan, Liverpool were 3–0 down at half time got it back to 3–3 in the second half and went on to win it on penalties. That match had pretty much everything you could want.

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Match officials who are paying attention and can tell when a goal has been scored.

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England being defeated 4–1 by ze Fatherland.

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@ragingloli lets be honest 4–2

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unofficially, I will grant you that.

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You’re looking for something to set a drama to… so… First: Anticipation. The game build up is important and two evenly matched teams with some dramatic history would help.

Second: Some slightly predictable play to set everyone up in a relaxed mood. Players playing in their style as expected, increasing their reputations, either as poor sports, or excellent players. A good amount of ball turn overs. A few minor penalties, but no scoring.

Thirdly: A big break out play by a newcomer rookie and the crowd goes wild. SCORE!

Fourth: The opposing team take a horrible pot shot at the rookie and the official doesn’t call the penalty. The crowd boos.

Fifth: The rookie carries on with his injury….. we all feel for him.. and he SCORES again!

Now, I’m boring myself. I don’t like soccer, and sport stories generally put me to sleep.

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Practical application of basic technology to ensure perfectly good goals are not disallowed. So that a major multi-million, international tournament doesn’t take a surreal turn.

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I would say a good soccer game would be when all the players have heart, and push themselves the entire time. When it isn’t just about who’s better but also about who wants it really badly and you can tell. A big part of it is also a respect for the game, and when there is good sportsmanship. They maybe competing against each other, but in the end, they understand both teams have a love for the sport.
I think a good example of all of this was yesterday’s game between Uruguay and South Korea. Both teams played well and hard. And in the end when Uruguay won they were good sports about it. South Korea was devastated naturally since it was so close, and Uruguay supported them. As you can see one of the Uruguay players helping Cha Du Ri up in this picture, after the game.

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Yep, the England-Germany game was great because both teams are known for being quite good, so it’d be quite even. Yet, both teams scored very difficult goals even though it, for the first half at least, still was quite unsure which was the better team. Also, there were a lot of missed chances, which was really thrilling. (What made it better was participating in predicting game scores for a fun prize… :)

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@mammal who ever said sports was fair? just kidding…. that stuff is frustrating as heck

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I thinks that audience in the stadium plays a big role in creating a big ambiance. I really love how English stadiums ROAR when a goal or ocassion happen

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