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Where can I shoot a real sniper rifle? (in England)

Asked by allen_o (1485points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I have become obsesed with sniper rifles due to call of duty 4, I don’t want to join the forces, I wouldn’t pass a drug test, I just want to play with one, I’ll pay anything!

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I unfortunately cant answer your question. But I could show you an awesome sniper video ^_^

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Well as I see it you’re choices are 1 become a hit man and then it would be part of the job. 2, holiday in a country with almost zero gun control laws 3, er…. can’t think of a 3 sorry

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Just go to a military base and steal one. Good luck. :) I’ll send flowers to your funeral.

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@lightlyseared – no gun laws eh? I wonder if I can get one in the US

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Well you see people on TV with anti aircraft weapons blowing up cars at the weekend so I don’t see that a sniper rifle should be so hard to come by!

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if you join your local cadets then when you go on camp you get to fire shotguns and snipers and crap lol

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I know how you feel. My friend got fell in love with the dragonov because of it. As I understand it there are very strict gun laws in the UK. Almost to the point where its illegal to own anything more dangerous than a 3 inch blade pocket knife. I’d suggest going to the states and going to a range. They just ask for ID and money. However it is possible to obtain one. Theres a guy on youtube with a SMLE. Try asking him.

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