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Describe your favorite piece of art that is displayed (somehow) in your home?

Asked by Jude (32134points) June 27th, 2010

art lover

What’s it like? What do you like about it? Pictures, if you want. =)

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I have a Monet Water Lily print. It’s cool is what I like. I have a Van Gogh Starry Nights print in the office. It’s cool as well.

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Oh – hard to pick just one. I have a Karel Appel print of an abstract owl and/or toucan that is one of my favorites, and several other lithographs. Another one of my favorite prints shows a woman printed with musical notation dancing above the heads of three jazz musicians. I collect teapots and have several from contemporary potters and also a Delft 18th century teapot in the Chinese style that is one of my favorite possessions.

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This is a painting I made in college, the Golden Arches. It’s my favorite of all the work we have displayed in the house because it represents dreams I had when I was a child, and while i was painting, I felt like I opened up the cage where my Id lives, and let it run about the backyard. I felt like a more complete person when this painting was complete.

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There’s a photo I took of the Wonder Wheel (this isn’t it) about 15 years ago that I had blown up and framed. Love that picture.

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@janbb My s/o collects teapots. She likes the whites with blue highlights. Some of them are pretty impressive.

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I have a collection of voodoo dolls and jujus hanging on the wall that everyone remarks on.

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My parents have a lot of my grandfather’s artwork in their home. He painted things like cacti, skulls, cowboys, horses, cattle, etc. He also pencil sketched quite a few missions in Texas, where he was from. Everything is incredibly realistic and beautiful. =)

lol, why do you have college sports in your topics? 0.o

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I have this print of a Woman on a chair in a room (rotate your head a quarter to the left.) in my bedroom.
Bought it in Paris in an gift shop near Centre Pompidou, don’t know the artist though.

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@rebbel That style looks familiar. I’ll look into that. I may be able to get you the artist.

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I have two (both nudes). One is a drawing down my g/f’s co-worker’s sis. The other is by someone close to me. May be a NSFW.

I have a lot of nude paintings/artwork. My g/f’s co-worker’s sister.

By a certain someone (the stars were strategically placed (via comp) afterward, for you folks. They’re not apart of the original piece)

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One of my friends often paints scenes that are inspired from her life as a child on a Navajo reservation. She painted a scene with gray rocks and rusty colored soil near a river. The clouds are a bit ominous hanging in the background. If you look closely, though, you can see a triangulated transparent outline of the venus de milo. The colors of blue and rust match my terra cotta painted walls perfectly!

I enjoy paintings that my friends have done the most!

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I have three that I can think of, and they are not “art” as you typically think of art. More like artful works of engineering that I find both aesthetically beautiful and functional. I do have plenty of paintings and drawings lying around, but I’m always one to be different, so here goes…

First off is my Schecter Ultra III guitar. I don’t have a pic of my own personal one but it looks just like this. I find the lines, form, and color to be very tasteful and the guitar to be a work of art in and of itself.

Secondly is my Kodak 35 RF. A beautiful camera… About 2 pounds of steel, bakelite, and 1940’s American engineering and design. Again, I don’t have any pics of my own example, but here’s one from google.

Finally, there is my German Mauser C96 pistol from 1935. The Germans have always had a knack for engineering pieces of machinery that are both pleasing to the eye and functional. This pistol fits together like a Rubiks cube and if they were manufactured today, they would probably cost about $5000 a piece to make. Here is the example I call my own.

I have quite a few more traditional artworks in my collection too, but I just felt like going against the grain and sharing some of my favorite beautiful pieces of industrial design.

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Thanks in advance.

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I have mostly abstract paintings hanging in my house. My favorite is one we have by V. Nemesh.

We also have 4 DMB posters framed and hanging in our hallway. 2 of them are old and rare.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Ahh, only to be 10 years younger and straight…

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@Vunessuh haha, the big typ-o

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@jjmah, I would still gladly clean you and the missus’ swimming pool and serve you drinks if you ever needed it ;-*

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I have various Escher prints which I find fascinating.

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I have a few… The darling pictures my daughter produced for me when she was younger, the disney collage my neice did for me, for my 30th! and A world war 2 pilot collage/painting a friend did for me and my hubby!

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Various slabs of American black walnut laying around that I use as sushi plates
A glorious Suomy
B&W 801s – “the boys”
Aaron Chang print, Pipeline, Hawaii
Umberto Boccioni – Unique Forms of Continuity (about a foot tall)

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My walls are white.

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I have a painting hanging above my toilet of two of the cows from the milking herd we had back when I was a child. I reminds me of a more carefree time:)

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My “girls.” Two long Mucha prints of aristocratic women. I love, LOVE his work. Fact, I do believe my Av in a Mucha.

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@rebbel I’m rotating. I’m all but standing on my head to see it. It’s cool but abstract! What is the message do you think?

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I collect postcards with pretty images and buildings (not the kind with text on the front) and black and white photo postcards. I made a collage on my wall of all these postcards, some photos I’ve taken myself with a disposable camera, and various objects that can hang up. The collage is my favorite hanging art.

My favorite piece of art I’ve ever made is a sketch of Dali’s “City of Drawers”. I love it so much because I managed to mimic his style and I don’t think I could recreate it. I focused on the woman, not the background.
(That’s the original , not my drawing)

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@Iclamae What is it supposed to mean? It looks painful…

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My favorite piece of art is a painting my husband did of our daughter a couple of years ago. He did a beautiful job. We’ve since had it framed, and now he’s under a lot of pressure to also paint our boys. :)

We also have two paintings done by an artist who lives here in CT by the name of Chris Zang. He is incredibly talented, and a very nice person. My husband took some lessons from him years ago, after we bought one painting at a show. The second painting my husband bought for me a few years later. Neither of them are on his website, but if you want to look at his work it is wonderful. One painting is from his series on Tibet, and the other is a woman playing the cello.

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I have a few Roman antiquities, pottery and bronze. My most treasured artwork is a oil painting of Meg, reclining nude done by her girlfriend. I regret that I lack the courage to post it. Thank you @jjmah for sharing that beautiful and sensitive work by your lady.

I have a few vehicles that some would consider rolling artwork. My grandfathers 1937 Packard V-12, 8 passenger touring sedan, coachwork by Dietrich. A 1938 Harley-Davidson ULH, 80 ci flathead with the art-deco style tank. My “daily driver” is a 1961 M-B 190d named Helga, an example of the last classic rounded or “ponton” body style from the 1950s.

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My favorites are several paintings of the beach on glass done by a sidewalk artist in Pacific Beach. Everything else is my own work, needlepoint on plastic canvas.

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I don’t know what it “means.” Dali’s done a number of drawings with women made out of drawers, so I’m sure they had some associated imagery for him but I don’t know what that is.

For me, I like that it’s a different way to look at a woman’s body. The human body is a ton of fun to look at and draw and finding new ways to express its motion is very exciting to me. I can hear this woman creak as she moves and can imagine she has a lot of things hidden away inside.

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Two “paintings” made of colored fused glass bits. One is of koi fish jumping up a waterfall from a rocky pool with a bamboo forest behind and the other complimentary piece is of the koi circling around the rocky pool, a kind of close up of a bit of the first scene. An artist friend bartered these with me years ago in exchange for a pair of gold and onyx earrings my then husband and I made for her.

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Things that my lovers & I have drawn.

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I have an original painting that I picked up at the art walk in Santa Barbara. I walked by this picture and asked the artist if it was an aerial view. He told me that it was indeed, it is a painting of a photo he took out the window of an airplane as he was landing in Amsterdam. He gave me a deal on it because I was the first person who ever saw the vantage point without being told.

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I have a ton of original art…the dearest are charcoal sketches by my sister who died of leukemia. She was very talented when she died at 13. 3 watercolors by randall Lyons, may he forever rest and several pieces from Norton Wisdom, I have original ceramics as well. All very special to my heart.

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I have 2 pieces of art that my daughter drew for me as a christmas gift. She wasn’t sure which one I would like best. One is of a single rose and another is a drawing of elephant ears. The rose is in the dinning room with some over head lights on it and the elephant ears one is in the living room.She knows I love my plants and decided to draw the plants I loved the best in my garden so I would always have a reminder of them. I always loved her chalk drawing and so she did them in chalk in art class in school so I wouldn’t know she was doing it. Her teacher let her do them as extra credit.

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@MissAusten a very talented husband you have some very striking and beautiful images

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So many interesting things you’ve all posted! I don’t really have a lot of traditional art, more like collections of things arranged as art. One of these collections is of antique metal baby cups. My favorite one from the collection is a humble, dented tin example, with the word “Darling” in old-fashioned script on the front of it. It makes me feel happy.

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This is such a great question I can’t resist chiming in again. I buy art that I love and that impacts me. My step-son (technically “soon to be” step-son) is an artist. He has an original style that is really all his own and some of his pieces just touch me. I have bought three beautiful birds, one I love so much I have it tattooed on my leg. I also have a dear friend who is a photographer (my current avatar is her work) and I have some beautiful pictures of hers that I want to frame and hang.

I really love to buy original artwork and share it with those who visit my home. The stuff that catches my eye is pretty eclectic, but somehow what little I have works together and I love having it and looking at it. Lately I have been going into purge mode pretty regularly, but the artwork always stays, I guess because I only buy what touches me.

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My 1991 Carroll Sockwell drawing. Carroll was making a comeback after a very bad period in his life and was preparing work for a new exhibition in Washington DC. He was crashing and working in a friend’s frame shop and fell asleep with a lit cigarette. The blaze was put out but one of his drawings was slightly burned. I have that one.

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@SuperMouse Wait. Does that mean you’re getting married? YAY!

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@augustlan early next year if all goes as planned! YAY!

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my mom took up oil painting when she retired and she painted for my daughter a painting of Raggedy Ann and Andy, and also a still life of a teddy bear, Tonka truck and baseball.

I have an Edward Hopper print in my living room – i don’t know the title offhand but it’s a collie dog and an old Victorian house with a couple standing outside. it’s not one of the more common Hoppers but that’s why i like it.

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@jca‘s answer reminded me.., my mother also started painting about a year ago and i asked her if i could have one of her paintings to hang it in my house.
It’s not here yet but it will when i ask her again soon.
It is this one.

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My favourite piece of art I own is my avatar, it’s an oil on canvas that was painted for me by a friend, it was a birthday gift. It currently hangs in my music studio, here

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we have lots of art all around the house as my dad loves collecting things that are framed…
but I’m going to take the liberty of stating that my most favourite peice of art is a painting of mine, its a beach with a girl sitting on a rock…. I just like to lose myself in it sometimes.

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I have art from all over the world. I have two copper pictures from Africa, and several African masks. I have a large, woven hoop-thing and a very intricately-carved piece of coconut wood (called a storyboard) from the Marshall Islands. I have elephant bells from the Burmese jungle and a decorated boomerang and a diggery-doo from Australia. I have a couple of tiki-gods from Hawaii. It sounds like a mismatched conglomeration of stuff, but it isn’t all in the same place in the house, so it works.

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