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How would you explain how the american form of government works to a martian?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36630points) June 27th, 2010

You’re out taking a walk, and a strange looking thing lands next to you and an alien gets out and says “Take me to your leader”. Then he or she wants to know how our leadership functions. What would you say to them? I guess you could also throw out why it doesn’t work.

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I would hand them a copy of the founding documents, and say, “It does work.”
– The Declaration of Independence
– The Constitution
– The Bill of Rights
– Amendments to the Constitution

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This is a tough one. Does said martian understand/comprehend the English language, including complicated political terms? Does the martian know the definition and have a basic, at least minimal, understanding of what the actual objects, people, and places defined by said words actually are?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Wise guy. lol He speaks English better than any college kid.

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What would I say?
“north, preferably.”
“south if you must.”

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First off, you’re assuming a government that works. I think we should work on that first,then worry about explaining it to Martians.

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In a Republic: You supposedly vote for people who supposedly represent you- then they battle it out in Congress and hide their own little agendas in complicated jargon and talk for extended periods of times so that nothing gets accomplished and your voice certainly never get heard, unless you have the ability and desire to be just as sneaky and manipulative as they are.

Memos are made and passed out to the two leading points of view and all they do is repeat the same catch phrases and never really answer anything so it can never be traced back to them if a mistake is made.

I would then try to find out how the martian’s society is run- maybe they might be the more intelligent life-form.

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Akk Akk Akk Akk!!!

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@Adirondackwannabe, well in that case I’d tell him that in theory we have are a Constitutional Federal Republic where the Constitution serves as the supreme law of the land and enumerates our natural individual rights as well as outlines our system of government in which we vote for representative lawmakers who work in a checks and balances system with the Judicial and Executive branch which interpret and enforce the law respectively.

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“Work in progress”

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It would be a major challenge to try and explain it to the average American born in that country.

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Green people are welcome.

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