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Anyone has problems with iphone OS 4.0?

Asked by joon1986 (185points) June 27th, 2010

I had my iphone 3gs with os 3.12 (jailbroken) for a while and recently upgraded to 4.0
I like the new features and look….
but I am having lots of problems with it
1. battery runs out super fast
2. battery sign on top right corner doesn’t seem to work (when I am almost out of battery…it still says I have 70% battery left)
3. THE MAJOR PROBLEM,,,,,,,,iphone turns off automatically for no reason…goes off when I am in middle of something!! it’s not with particular app….happened to any random app

does anyone have similar problems??and figure something out to fix this problem????

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I haven’t had any of these problems. However I am using the new hardware.

The only prob. I’ve had is with multitasking. If I “leave” an app and come back too many times, it just doesn’t work, and I have to reset the phone to use the app.

If I were you though. I would back up the phone, and then completely reset it (set it up as a new phone)

Then once it’s wiped and reinstalled, back it up with your saved data.

Maybe something happened when you upgraded to the new OS . . . just a thought.

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I am having the exact problem. I am running 4.0 and it constantly shuts off very random. It will come right back on but it is extremely annoying.

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The OS 4.0 on the iPhone 3G is really slow. Especially iBooks! I can’t even read Winnie the Pooh enjoyably. :(

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I already reset my phone and freshly installed the OS but didn’t really work out for me…
thanks to @radicalman66…now I know I am not the only one with this problem
I also found out battery seems to run out faster on 4.0 compare to previous os versions
and Lastly…if I am not wrong….people like me who have installed os 4 through itunes don’t have option to jailbreak yet…or never…...hope devteam comes out with some kind of solution but unlikely as they gave us the warning before hand…..

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@joon1986 Ok, first of all you have to what @mrrich724 said, and make a factory reset with iTunes. Then you have to go the App Store, and download the BatteryDoctor application. I’m not a salesman, it cost I think 1$, but it’s worth it! That software’s gonna revive your battery, if you do what the program tells you to do. Good luck

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Thanks for the tip!
like I said earlier I did reset and installed the OS but still have same problem
but I would like to know more about that application
I already have free battery meter app but it didn’t really help
how exactly this app you recommend would fix my battery problem???
will this paid app would give me different result than free app????
IF so I would love to pay couple of dollars for it^^
Tell me more about this app plz

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@joon1986 This app (as far as I know) is controlling the charging process. You must star the charging process, when the battery level is under 20%, and for the first time you have to leave it on the charger for 2 more hours after you reached 100%. That called trickle charging (or what…:) Once you start the app, and start to charge it, you can not disconnect it from the charger! Not for a second! Though you can quit from the app, and use your phone normally, it will work in background, and u can go back to the app anytime to see how much time left.

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I was looking for batterydoctor on itunes and found out there are free versions as well
I wanted to see the basic features of the program first…so I downloaded it
but it seems like they are either not adjust to new OS or my phone is really messed up
when I turn on the opens up and show how much battery I have left and then app closed down…:(
I will try the paid version once I reset my phone to factory mode again…
wish me luck^^

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