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What does this say to you: "I think i broke my nose twice in my life"?

Asked by rebbel (31525points) June 27th, 2010

Heard a sports commentator say this line.
I thought it was a weird thing to say.
Is he a liar (why would you think you broke it twice, i would think it is a painful event that you’d probably remember very good)?
Or is he forgetful (which didn’t seem obvious since he knew a lot of trivia concerning the soccer (matches)?
Or is he exaggerating, for one or another reason?

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The nose is cartilage, not bone. It is almost impossible to tell for sure when you’ve actually broken it or not. I’ve broken countless bones in my life, but if asked if I’ve broken my nose, my honest response would be exactly word for word as your quote/announcer states.

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@ipso Including the twice?

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Yes. One time there was a small crook, so I’m fairly positive, but another time it hurt much worse but no crook. I literally “think I have broken my nose twice”, with countless close calls.

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Thanks for that, i didn’t think of that at all, rather, i didn’t know that at all (about the cartilage/bone thing).
That makes it all more clear, he probably wasn’t lying then.
I must not judge so quickly. I must not judge so quickly. I must not judge so quickly.

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I agree with @ipso Once a 5 year old threw a weeble wobble at my nose and it hurt so friggin bad and once while playing basketball. What could a Dr. have done? It didn’t make my nose crooked, but I do have a bump…I will never know- but I think I have broken my nose twice….

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Taylor Mali did a bit regarding this here.
I’d add more to this post, but all of my thoughts can be summed up by his video.

I think it’s just the unfortunate trend of language these days, that we want to sound like we’re unsure.
side-note, Taylor Mali is way cool.

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Most likely he is a former pro athlete for whom a broken nose is the equivalent of stubbing a toe or something even more minor, nothing to get all bothered about, you just get back on the field and play through the pain.

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@Sarcasm I think it’s funny that you began your sentence with “I think” Speak with conviction! He sounds like a preacher at the end.

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