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How do I hook up this useless Wii to my LED tv?

Asked by mrrich724 (8537points) June 27th, 2010

The Wii was enough of a waste of investment for me (I pretty much bought it for the virtual system) and now I realize I can’t even hook it up to my new LED TV b/c Nintendo doesn’t sell an HDMI or YPBr cable for it! and new TV’s don’t have the regular A/V holes.

Do I really have to spend $50 on a converter or is there another way?

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You can get component cables for $30.00 from Nintendo or cheaper if you get another brand (if your tv has component jacks).

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thanks @Seaofclouds, I was looking at something online that said Nintendo didn’t make the component cables. So if you didn’t tell me that, I had already given up looking for those before I started.

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Nintendo doesn’t seel HDMI for it because it’s not an HD device.

If your TV doesn’t have component inputs, you can only buy a converter.

Alternatively, you could sell the Wii and connect your PC to the TV via the VGA/DVI adapter and play SNES/Genesis/N64 games via appropriate emulators.

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it has component inputs, i just read somewhere (wrongfully obviously) that Nintendo didn’t offer component cords for Wii.

Thanks though.

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Sorry – I wrote “component”, but I meant _composite.

Does your TV have an S-Video plug?

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what is S-Video? I don’t think it does. I think it has one YPbR and like 4–5 hdmi…

I knew what S-Vid was, but I forgot.

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Oh yeah.. No the new tv doesn’t have that…

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Forgive me for saying this, but your new TV seems to be entirely too new…

No s-video or component input… WTF?

Frankly, I’d be bitching at the TV manufacturer rather than Nintendo…

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It’s a Samsung LED TV so yea, it is TOO new, I agree, LOL, but I guess they don’t think those inputs are so worthy of it’s screen . . . The TV switched to all HDMI before anything else did!

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