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You find yourself added to a fluther how many times a week?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) June 28th, 2010

How many times a week are you added to a fluther? Do you know any, most or some of the jellies that added you, i.e. have they answered questions of yours frequently or you theirs? Or are they people you never really engaged Q&A wise?

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I’ve been added about once a week at this point (a bit more when I first got here). Some of the people were people that I chatted with in chat or in questions, others were people that I hadn’t really interacted with much at all.

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In the last week or so I have been added about six times. Wow!

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I don’t really pay attention. I’d guess about once or twice a week – or month – whatever.

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Rarely. I have no interest in such thing anymore.

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I have no clue. I used to really keep up with that, checking out and/or PMing everyone who added me and possibly returning the favor. These days, I’m usually too busy modding/managing to notice. I still appreciate it if and when I do notice, though!

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I guess that is important for some people but not for me, i’m only on fluther to debate certain topics and help people with certain questions when I can. I’m not on here to win a fan club or popularity contest.

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Please take note that I don’t track this type of information. When the questions was asked, I sought to provide an accurate answer.
While I appreciate being added, I am not seeking a following.

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I am added to someone’s Fluther every once in a while; that’s about as precise as I can be about how often it happens.

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About once a week or so. I eventually get to know many of them. My practice up to now has been to automatically reciprocate. I understand that there is a limit of 200 on the size of ones fluther; I’m rapidly approaching that number, so I’ll have some tough decisions to make soon.

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It’s not a popularity contest.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@jjmah Exactly right. This isn’t Assbook.

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very seldom! How many, don’t really know! Friends on Fluther evolves over time.

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Just occasionally… well monthly perhaps.

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I’m added more like once or twice a month, if that. I’m not winning popularity contests but I’m consistently producing solid material for my comments and answers and that is satisfying in and of itself.

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I agree with @lillycoyote, every so often is about as much as I am added to Fluthers I always feel quite happy when it does happen though!

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I’ve been here nearly two years and I’m in 333 fluthers (as of when I wrote this), so I’d say I get added to about 3 fluthers per week, on average. I think I know about four-fifths of them. The one fifth I don’t know are ones I haven’t engaged with or seen post a question or an answer that I can recall.

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ALL the time. Chicks keep lining up to make me sandwiches.

Okay, not really.

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It’s more like once a month with me lol

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Every once and awhile. I realize now if I check my profile page and look at my fluther then it will show me when I’ve been added somewhere. I think most of adds have come after there’s been a PM exchange between a jellie and me in reference to a particular thread.

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A little here. A little there.

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I don’t pay attention – it doesn’t happen often…but then I go and check and I see a lot of people have me in their fluther..

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About once a month. And I don’t care.

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I find that I have a lot in common with many of the Jellies here, so I add them to my Fluther so I can have a nice long list of interesting questions when I turn on my computer. I don’t think it has anything to do with popularity, but rather similarity of interests.

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I don’t get added to other Fluther’s often. I hope it’s because I’m new and not because I’m not liked.~ (teheehe)

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I’m not sure, but I know it doesn’t happen often.

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I don’t get added that often. I probably don’t ask enough questions to justify anyone adding me.

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Not often. But I still don’t really get the point of being added to someone’s Fluther.

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@netgrrl Apparently it adds to the number of questions that are in “just for you” or something like that. That’s why I like when people with similar interests to mine add me, and I add them right back.

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@YARNLADY HA! Gotcha! But do not add me, ONLY true die hard Sci-Fi fans can do that frome here out. :-)

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@Yarnlady Thanks. I always add back when someone adds me, at least!

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