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What is your favorite Ministry song?

Asked by Kraken (1177points) June 28th, 2010

They are an Industrial Rock genre of music. I will post a general link to them here.

My newest favorite song is No W, in celebration of Obama winning the presidency as I will post here:

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This is really hard to pick a favorite. I had the cassette tape to their first album when I was a teenager. Loved Everyday is Halloween, but of course their music has changed since that album. I’d probably pick So What or Stigmata.

I saw these guys in 1991. Awesome show that I’ll never forget! Thanks for the memory this morning.

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Haha I had the first album too, or one of the first, it was Ministry with Sympathy. A little different than what they have now…

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Just One Fix

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I second Just One Fix

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i used to have Ministry With Sympathy and i loved it and played the casette over and over. i don’t remember the songs on it but i would if i googled it. i also liked Halloween.

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i just looked it up and i loved Effigy.

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Yeah: Good one Benny—'''

Never trust in junk.

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One of my favorite songs is We are one body.

Catholic Youth Ministry

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