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Should i apply 10.0.6 MATTE oil-free moisturiser before or after my normal sunblock?

Asked by asor (25points) June 28th, 2010

i am not sure which comes first because the moisturiser is tinted and it is suppose to control my oily face from being shiny.but my sunblock is which order of application should i adopt?

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I would suggest that you find different products that go together like a mattifying moisturizer with SPF (MAC carries it) or something that’s not tinted. Maybe forego the tinted moisturizer and just use the sunblock since it’s more important.

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I would think that the sunblock should be applied last so that the skincare product is closest to your skin controlling the oiliness. This also allows you to reapply sunblock as needed throughout the day.

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hey,but wont the sunblock make my face even oilier after that?

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I’m with both @Facade and @Dr_Lawrence. There are non-comedogenic sunblocks designed for facial use, and they are always the best option. I would put it on last, and I would apply a powder over it if you were concerned with oil.

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