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What is the most painful piercing?

Asked by Tarf (187points) June 28th, 2010

just wondering

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I would have to think it would be a genital piercing since that is such a sensitive area, but thankfully, I have no empirical knowledge of that fact.

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Let me preface this with I have never had anything pierced, and I could answer this, but it would so gross out the entire fluther population and lead to me being permenantly banned, so lets just say J is headed in the right direction.

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“Piercing Pain Rankings

(from least painful to most painful)

1. Eyebrow
2. Earlobe
3. Tongue
4. Navel
5. Nostril
6. Labret/Lip
7. Female Nipple
8. Cartilage Piercings
9. Male Nipple
10. Genitals”


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Of the ones I’ve had, ear cartilage was the worst. Yow. Second is tongue. But, I would imagine getting my nipple or clitoris… I can’t even finish the sentence for the wooziness.

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Nipples. Because of the toughness of the tissue, it’s harder to pierce than genitals. Genitals is just sort of a quick shove of the needle and then it’s over, but nipples it’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “it’s almost half way through now!”

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Obviously I’d say your “private parts”, but I’ve also heard that piercing your nose hurts more than any other “visible” piercing.
I’ve had a few tattoos done and laughed my way through them, but I did shed a tear or two over my nose ring from a few years ago.

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@papayalily I know I shouldn’t ask, but I have to. How do you know all this?

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I’ll go with the magic cross for men and the nefertiti for women. Look them up if you don’t mind adult images.

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When asked this question or the same one about tattoos, I always answer with “All of them. All of them are the most painful”. If someone is worried about the pain, they might as well expect the worst. Pain is relative and hard to compare between people. Piercings are quick and when done with a straight needle, the pain is minimal and short lasting. It’s scarier to decide to get the piercing than to actually get it.

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this is totally off topic but I just have to say it… @papayalily ‘s answers always blow my mind

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For me, it was my tongue piercing. I’ve only had a few piercings though (my ears, my navel, and my tongue). I had my navel done 3 times (first time when I was 16, second time when I was 18 and got home from basic training, third time after my son was born). Even getting it done the second and third time through scar tissue hurt less than my tongue piercing.

In theory, I think nipples would hurt more than genitals because of the tissue, like @papayalily mentioned.

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Eyeball maybe…

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@Adirondackwannabe I read it somewhere, and then my sister verified it from first hand experience (always something you want to hear from your 14 year old baby sister…) and then a couple different tattoo artists agreed a couple years later.

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For me, the belly button and cartilage were the most painful.

I’m had my lip, eyebrow, ears, belly button, clitoral hood, and nipples(done twice) pierced.

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@casheroo Is that each nipple pierced twice, or the set pierced the once?

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My late wife had navel, earlobes and nipples pierced. She ranked them in that order from least to most painful. One of the nipple piercings got a severe infection.

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@papayalily I had them done at 17, then redone at 19.

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