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What are some of your favorite healthful, throw-together meals?

Asked by Facade (22902points) June 28th, 2010

Do tell =)

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cook up some oatmeal and mix in a cup of yogurt. ‘sgood man.

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Veggie fajitas. A bag of frozen peppers and onions, marinated and sliced mushrooms, salsa.

Tofu scramble- seasoned tofu (sliced), peppers, potatoes (cubed). Saute and top with cheese or salsa- or as we love it, with just a splash of vinegar.

Tofu wrap. Crumble block of tofu. Mix oregano, basil, salt/pepper and olive oil. Chill mixture. Wrap in tortilla.

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@boots I never thought to put oatmeal and yogurt together. Sounds good.
@gemiwing GA!

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Saute whatever veggies I have and throw them over whole wheat pasta. Some good ones to use are mushrooms, onions, asparagus, bell pepper, squash, broccoli and peas. For some sauce, I heat up a can of crushed tomatoes and a touch of milk with garlic and some spices. You can add chicken or shrimp. Top with parmesan cheese if you want. Nom. The hardest thing is chopping all the veggies.

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Chopping up some eggplant and Brussels sprouts and garlic (not too much garlic), drizzling on some olive oil, kosher salt and fresh ground pepper and roasting it all in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes.

That’s more of a winter meal, though.

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@ubersiren I plan to do that tonight!
@aprilsimnel That sounds really good too

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1 banana
1 yogurt
1 over easy egg

1 banana
1 yogurt
1 cup of old fashioned cook style oatmeal

1 pan seared corn tortilla topped with a pan seared green chili laid open flat, an over hard egg and melted cheese on top.

3 eggwhite, 1 egg yolk omelet with cheese, diced bell peppes & onions (from a frozen bag mix) and salsa.

Stuffed bell peppers with ground meat, a sprinkle of Rice o Roni wild rice mix and tomato paste mixed in. Put the peppers to steam in pot of vegie broth made from wilting frig vegies.

Cheese quesodilla with scrambled egg and salsa inside.

Mild italian sausages simmered in a pot of jarred marinara that’s had sauteed bell peppers and onions added in (from a frozen bag mix). Any kind of pasta. Sometimes I grate cheese on top or put a scoop of cottage cheese.

Lamb chops marinated in a zip lock bag of soy or teriyaki sauce, some sort of jam/jelly on hand, cracked black pepper and sliced onion. I broil them in the oven and serve with Rice o Roni wild rice mix that’s I add choped vegies into, kind of like asian style fried rice but not fried.

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When I have lots of veggies to use up, I steam a nice variety, then sprinkle them with cheese, any type.

Chicken and veggies in tortilla wraps, also with any variety of cheese (I like cream cheese once in awhile). I like onions, green red or yellow peppers, tomatoes, sometimes cukes, broccoli and peapods. Sometimes even artichoke hearts. I pick up a baked chicken breast from the grocery when I need a quick meal.

Also with tortillas, quesadillas with chicken, cheese, onions and bell peppers, cooked then add some tomatoes and maybe some guacamole on top.

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I love to sautee fresh garden veggies in water and olive oil with chives, basil and a pinch of oregano…thicken the sauce with cornstarch and pour over basmatti rice. A little fresh chilies and garlic minced to taste for added flavor!

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Well, what’s your definition of “healthful”?

I like poached eggs on toast with cheese and sautéed onion.
I also like sausage sautéed with summer squash and some Veggie Grill seasoning.
Greek salads are nice and easy.

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@Seek_Kolinahr My idea of healthful is anything that involves some type of vegetable =)

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brussel sprouts and some caprese

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cut up cucumber, red onion and tomato (can add peppers as well), mix in a little crumbled goat cheese or feta with some light greek dressing (gazebo room light greek or good season light greek vinaigrette are my favs). A refreshing and healthy summer veg salad results!

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