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What are some of the worst cars ever manufactured in your country?

Asked by ucme (45420points) June 28th, 2010

Yeah, any vehicle really that leaves a lot to be desired.Either by design or performance. Maybe you know someone who had one of these. Perhaps you yourself had the misfortune of owning one however briefly.

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Worst cars? Hot Wheels. Matchbox ftw.

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I’m from Hungary, and this is our “pride”:
Worthy to check it out :)

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Saturns were marketed far better than they were made. “Disposable cars” I call them. Every six months I had to drop $500 to replace some system or other. Brakes, radiator, three starters, air conditioning twice (eventually gave up on that), gaskets… finally the transmission went to pot and I said “eph it.”

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@Seek_Kolinahr Are you following me? :)

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1981 Jeep CJ-5. I had to replace the throw-out bearing on the clutch every three months. Gas gage never worked, wheel bearing when out at 10K miles. Jeep said this was how there were designed and build, nothing could be done about it.

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Although Swedish, this Volvo 343 was designed and produced by the Dutch i am sorry to say.

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The Geo Metro. If a metro hits a small child, the small child wins. When you punch a metro, it cries and bleeds styrofoam. Chuck Norris has never seen a metro, because awareness of their very existence is below him.

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Pretty much any car built by British Leyland in the 1970’s.

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@jfos But Hot Wheels are to cool for school man, what are you thinking?

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Anything made by Ford.

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The worst was the AMC Pacer built during the 1970’s. It looked like an upside-down bathtub. A friend of mine back then would have her mom drop her off a block from school so she would not be seen getting out of it.

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By the way, from your country came this beauty.
My father owned one of those, and when it was time for a new car he almost bought it’s successor, the Ital.
He didn’t, he chose the Ford Taunus (Cortina for you, i believe).
Had he chosen the Ital, i suppose he would have had an collectors item now.
Didn’t they sell about six worldwide?

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@ChazMaz yeah, the first Ford Focus is a great example. Now, it is a better car, but not then. Had a friend that called it, my “Ford Fu*kus!”

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The Trabant.

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@rebbel Ye gads, what style what panache.Beige suits that care so well.A right royal pussy wagon!

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It’s got to be either the Pacer or the Gremlin, both made by¬†American Motors.

Everyone used to trash the Ford Pinto. But my first car was a ‘72 Pinto and I loved it. I think it’s unfairly gotten a bad rap. Of course there was that whole rear-ended explosion thing…

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Wow, those are ugly.
Made me think of this Fiat.

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1) Does an ugly car make it a bad car? If the choice was a beautiful car that broke down whenever it left the driveway, or an ugly car that ran for 40 years, which would be better?

2) Trivia: Richard A. Teague, designer of the Gremlin and Pacer (among others), was blind in one eye. I read a retrospective once where he referred to himself as “the best one-eyed designer in Detroit.”

3) Unrelated, but it’s been a long time since I’ve done this:

A man walks into an auto parts store and says to the man at the counter, “Can I have a gas cap for my Yugo?”

The clerk thinks for a moment and says, “Yeah, sure. That sounds like a fair trade.”

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Ford Pinto

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It’s a tossup between the Chevy Vega with its unlined aluminum engine block or the hideous GM automobile diesels of the 1970s. Those converted 350 V-8s probably ruined the reputation of automobiles with diesel engines to this day.

I have to agree with my father, that the US hasn’t built a decent car since Packard went out of business, with one exception. The Ramblers up to the late 60s were good cars.

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The Sporty Corvair.

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Very first series of VW Golfs around 1980. Rust buckets for sale. A friend of mine had one.

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@ratboy – The corvair? That was a sweet ride!

Ok… Ok.. It was known to burst into flames when rear ended.

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Oh I almost forgot… the worst car ever produced in the UK is the DeLorean DMC-12.

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@Lightlyseared It’s those hideous gull wing doors that for me seal it’s fate.

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and the fact that it would probably never get to 88mph.

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57 Ford Fairlanes had a lot of maintenance problems. Ford Pinto’s had gas tank issues and were made very cheaply. Chevy Vegas were a joke with their aluminum engine. Chevy Sprints were a flop they were suppose to get 50 miles per gallon back in the 80’s. Maybe going down hill with a tail wind. HA!

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