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What is your opinion of the Belgium raids from last week?

Asked by Iclamae (2409points) June 28th, 2010

So, last week, Belgium police raided a church to gather documents and detain priests for questioning in their investigation of the child abuse scandals.

What do you think about all this?

The pope and other church officials think it was unprecedented and an invasion of privacy. (The police also raided the agency that was hired by the church to investigate all this and gather confessions:

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I consider sexual abuse of minors an invasion of privacy.

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Had not the Church utterly failed victims of sexual abuse in the past?
Have then turned away from protecting the abusers?

Belgium police made the right decision.

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It is insane that the Catholic Church maintains it has legal jurisdiction above/in parallel to secular law.

It’s like they think we’re still living in the Holy Roman Empire.

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I don’t give a flyin’ fuck about their privacy. They forfeited that long ago.

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It’s about damn time!

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About fuckin time. The Church has been deliberately hiding these criminals and protecting them from prosecution while enabling their crimes for years. They need to be treated like the criminal organization they are.

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