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What would "jaanz" be unscrambled?

Asked by Draconess25 (4448points) June 28th, 2010

It’s probably simple, but I can’t get it.

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Unless it’s a breed of dragon, I don’t think that can make a word.

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Please double check the letters. There is no English word that can be made with those letters.

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knowing @Draconess25 it’s in her own made-up language…... :-)

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Is it a word that’s supposed to be found in the dictionary, or some proper or fictional word?

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What language are you looking for?

Nothing in English.
Zanja in Spanish.

I busted open an online anagram machine. Nothing in french, italian, latin, german, dutch, portuguese, or swedish.

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@Sarcasm It was “Jazan”. It’s on Neopets, but they’ve used real words in this so far.

How about “bleull”?

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That is a “name” not a word in English. I’m glad @Draconess25 has the solution she was seeking.

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I was going to say “znaja”. That sounds like a Slavic word. It’s probably a word in most Slavic languages. :P

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