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What do you think about astrology & horoscopes?

Asked by hollywoodduck (638points) March 18th, 2008

Is it something to just have fun with and occasionally look at or do you follow it word for word?

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They’re something I like to occasionally have fun with. It’s eerie when they’re actually right on. Most are so vague though that anyone could find a meaning that relates to themselves.

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Just vague generic descriptions that people take way to seriously.

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The personality archetypes represented by the zodiac signs are an amazing shorthand for people, and if you get into sophisticated astrology (sun signs, moon signs, planetary correspondences and alignments) it’s as good as modern psychology as a tool for understanding people and the way they act.

The sun sign predictions in the newspaper every day are so vague as to be useless, but they’re still often entertaining.

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Anyone who gives any credibility to either one, is of sub-standard intelligence. Anyone who writes such drek, is nothing less than a liar and fraud.

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Yea i Believe that as much as that lady who was famous for saying ” call me now” by the way she was arrested.

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Yeah, total crap!

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if women can be connected to the moon so can my sex life.

It isnt out of the realm of possibility to think that this intricate universe would not somehow develop a type of connection to dates on a calendar. Perhaps we are more attached to our universe than conventional science could ever permit.

The reason it is societally regarded with such distrust is because of its demoralized representation in western culture – i.e. Ms. Cleo

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I think it’s just bullshit.

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