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My dog keeps scratching her back legs and she has formed a rash. Could it be itching from a bug?

Asked by dh7 (2points) June 28th, 2010

At first it seemed to be a small bug bite but as the week went by, she started to lose hair and what looks like to be a rash appeared. Its red but not a swollen red, more like over heated skin red.

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It could be many things- from parasites to allergies. Time for a trip to the vet.

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Extra exercise – runs, walks etc are what I give my dog for this very same ailment, instead of trips to the vet – she seems to sort herself out then.

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Could be dry skin from the change in weather, a scratch that became irritated or a bug bite. Try a spray that has tea tree oil in it, I buy one at PetsMart that is reasonably priced to where I use it on my own skin. It’s the only thing I’ve tried that works on my heat rashes or mosquito bites. I think it’s called Nature’s Organics.

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I would look for something for hot spots to help with the itching. She probably started losing hair because she keeps licking or scratching on the same spot. I wouldn’t take her to the vet just yet. My dogs something get hot spots but they go away eventually. Just keep an eye on it and if it worsens take her to see your vet.

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Could be a contact dermatitis from a plant or something. I think the vet could help her by giving you a topical cortizone for her. Aww. Letting her soak her leg in water might give her a little temporary relief.

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If it is a symmetrical bald patch on both sides it could be thyroid. If it is just random spots, I would say allergy of some sort. My little dog gets extremely dry skin and then scratches incessantly. I give her a bath with soap free shower gel then instead of cream rinse I lather her with a moisturing cream, vaseline intensive, or some such. I let her sit in it for 10 min or so then rinse. It helps her.

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If you go with @Neizvestnaya and us tea tree oil (which I would recommend) I would suggest checking out the pet store spray’s ingredients, and compare them to a similar product formulated for humans at a health store. I noticed this with glucosamine/chondroitin. I checked out the pet store product, and compared it, including the “inert” ingredients, and found them to be substantially the same.

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