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Have you seen the commercials for those "Z-coil shoes"? Would you ever, in a million years, wear something so goofy?

Asked by Val123 (12684points) June 28th, 2010

Seriously! Perhaps if the coil was disguised inside of what looked like a regular tennis shoe, I might be asking if they worked (not that I need them.) But I’ve looked carefully and not once do they indicate that the springs are anywhere but very visible on the bottom of the shoe!

Sometimes I wonder about the native common sense of some people, specifically the inventor in this case.

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I think they look cool.

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I know several nurses that wear those and love them. They recommend them to everyone that asks about them. The coil is on the outside and thus very visible. I’m too afraid that something would get caught in the coil and trip me, so I haven’t tried them.

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Really you guys? Well, shut mah mouth! I’d be afraid of stepping wrong and getting launched!

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@Val123 As someone with chronic foot pain, they are extremely intriguing to me. I have long ago given up on fashion and care only about what feels good by the end of the day. The only bad thing I have seen (that requires user-reminders) is that one must be careful if one hooks one’s heels over a chair rail and tries to stand—apparently this results in some comic falls.

From the Zcoil FAQs:

Can objects get caught in the open coil?
Small rocks or loose materials may occasionally get caught in the coil, but they should be easy to remove with a simple shake. We do recommend caution around cords, wires, hoses, and chairs with rungs, which may catch in the coil.

Can I drive wearing Z-CoiL® footwear?
Yes, but be careful not to let the floor mat or pedals catch on the coil. Also be aware that the shoes thick cushioning may reduce your feel for the pedals. You may need to move your seat back an inch or so to compensate for the thickness of the forefoot cushioning. If you feel unsafe driving in your Z-CoiL® footwear, wear other shoes.

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@Kayak8 Thank you (I take my shoes off when I drive anyway.) So…if you try them, let me know how they work! (Why do you have chronic foot pain?)

It seems to me that if you were in a hurry (like nurses often are—at a dead run) they would totally trip you up, like, some immovable thing hanging off your heel scraping on the floor.

(Edit! I lied accidentally!)

At any rate, I’m sure I’d be launching, falling, tearing lamps off the table and chairs out form under people, and car wrecking all day long!

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You know, after @Kayack8’s post…the more I think about it the more “goofy-looking” sounds like the least of the problems. They sound down-right dangerous. Falls are only comic until someone gets hurt. Can you imagine getting up from a chair only to have both coils caught on the chair…..I see face plant on the desk. Driving? I see “Unable to hit the brakes in time because your foot is hung up on the floor mat.”

It’s just a matter of time before they get hit with a lawsuit. I don’t understand why they don’t just make a supple leather covering for the coils which would prevent all potential accidents PLUS make them more ascetically pleasing…

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If they were to make more ascetically pleasing, wouldn’t that tend to limit their market more to appeal primarily to Monks and Yogis?

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The wife of one of my patients wears them and says they’re all she can wear.

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@Buttonstc Ow!!!! What was it I was trying to say then?? LOL!

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You were thinking of aesthetic. In fairness, pretty close in pronounciation in this crazy English language of ours. But I just couldn’t resist the pun :)

I’m assuming you already looked up ascetic ?

Not necessarily a fun way to live for most folks :)

By the way, where are these commercials airing. I haven’t seen them but considering that I have no cartilage left in my knees, I’m thinking of trying a pair but have no idea where to buy them.

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@Val123 Well, thanks to you and your darn reminder about these shoes and me going to their website to pull the info about chair-rung dangers, I looked at the shoes again. And if you look for a very long time, they stop looking so funny. If you read the testimonials from people with hurting feet, these crazy-ass shoes start coming to you in your dreams and you look up the nearest store (because they have to be fitted to your feet). Then you realize the closest store is an hour away and you start planning how you can get time off work (because the store closes at 5). I will let you know about my fitting experience after I get that much needed time off work!

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LOL!!!! Please let me know @Kayak8! ROFL!!!

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@Val123 OK, couldn’t wait to get home to my computer to post. I took today off and drove to a town an hour away and spent over an hour getting each shoe fitted exactly to each of my feet and I am in HEAVEN!!!!! With slacks on, I am finding most people don’t even notice that they are any different, but to wear them the difference is amazing. My knees don’t hurt, my hips don’t hurt, my back doesn’t hurt, and best of all—my foot doesn’t hurt!

I broke my foot/ankle about 5 years ago and had surgery to repair it and got nerve damage for my trouble. I have very flat feet to begin with, bilateral plantar fasciitis, posterior tib tendonitis, etc. and I can’t even remember the last time I felt this good.

They are expensive (but for the hour fitting time and free adjustments and the overall comfort) so far the expense seems well worth it. Will try to remember to give another report in a month when the excitement wears off.

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Day Two and STILL lovin these shoes!

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