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Who would win in a fight: Rush Limbaugh or Alex Jones?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) June 28th, 2010

Both Jones and Limbaugh are very outspoken and both on the hefty side. Who would win? There are no rules. They can both use weapons ranging from megaphones to light sabers (for rangerr).

I would have thrown Glenn Beck in there, but he cries too much.

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I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit at this visual.. lol

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They would both topple over from the weight of their big heads.

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In a battle of wits, Rush for sure is ill equipped. I have read about Alex Jones but I have been fortunate not to have to listen to him when he performs.

Perhaps Sumo style combat would suit these two heavyweights?
Glenn Beck and his handkerchief could be a cheerleader while Bill O’Reilly referees by trying to take credit for all points scored.

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Neither of them would show up for the fight, blaming the GOP for putting the fight in an unsafe building with inadequate ventilation and not enough fire exits. Then they would both go on their shows and talk about what they would have done if things were different.
are we allowed to opt to fist fight them ourselves?

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@judochop You mean that they are gutless blowhards?

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@Dr_Lawrence May I please adopt that term; gutless blowhards? I think that is one of the best things I’ve heard in a long time.
Honestly I will admit to listening to them both every once in awhile. Now while I spend most of the time either trying to call in or with my jaw on the floor or laughing or doing all three at the same time every now and again they land on something that I will agree with for a hot second usually until I give it deeper thought. I wish I knew more about them and was able to be a fly on the wall behind closed doors so that I knew who the puppet master really is.

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@judochop Feel free to use the expression with an appropriate reference in proper APA style.

e.g. Dr. Lawrence, 2010 (personal communication)

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Whether its with muscle strength, or higher intelligence… Alex Jones would easily win.

And yes, both men are blowhards. But at least there’s a heart inside Jones.

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According to Google Fights, Alex Jones is far and away the winner.

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